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Skills & strategies to be a safer, smarter driver.

Learn all the tips and techniques to both drive in the winter and pass your on-road driver's test.There are many excellent reasons why you should take your driver's test in the winter time.

I know...I know - you've listened to all the negative rhetoric.

All the negative nellies that say:


Driver safer, drive smarter on snow and ice with these 10 winter driving tips.

Driving is more treacherous when the temperature is near freezing.

Learn the top 5 reasons for crashing in winter - watch the video.

Most drivers haven't adjusted yet to winter driving when the first snow happens. Learn skills here to stay safe.

A driver loses control in the winter on snow and ice and the vehicle slides into the ditch.There is no such thing as black ice. Just because motorists can’t see the ice doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Learn how to avoid tire blowouts by purchasing the right tires for your vehicle.

Don't get stuck! Learn how to drive through snow banks and deep snow.

Stopping on ice can be nearly impossible. Learn how to stop on slippery roads here.

Learn how to pack your winter survival kit to wait out the storm in an emergency.

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