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When turning left and the traffic light goes to yellow, don't panic...pause, look and check.

Turning Left On A Yellow Light...Pause...Look....Turn & DON'T Crash


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Hi there smart drivers.

Rick with Smart Drive Test fast tip for turning left on a yellow light, had a comment from Michael X.

And he asked if it was a high-risk manoeuvre to turn left on a yellow light that you might be involved in a crash.

And yes you can be if you don't employ the right techniques and skills when you're turning left in an intersection on a yellow light.

Yellow Light Turn

Pickup Truck Runs Yellow Light

As you can see here in the dashcam footage, the pickup truck runs the yellow light...charges the yellow light and proceeds through the intersection.

And only because the driver proceeding straight through applied the brakes did they avoid a crash in the intersection when the vehicle proceeded to on the left-hand turn on the yellow light.

And that's what you need to do.

Other Driver Brakes to Avoid Crash

You need to pause, know that you own the intersection, and check, and DOUBLE check to ensure that the oncoming traffic is in fact coming to a stop before you proceed on your left-hand turn.

Because if you are involved in a crash on the left-hand turn with the vehicle coming straight through the intersection and you have passengers in your vehicle there's a high chance it's going to be a fatal crash.

"T"-Bone Crashes are Fatal

Because T-bone crashes are the most fatal of our crashes now.

We've more or less eliminated head-on crashes but T-bone crashes--because there isn't anything there to protect you in the vehicle--unfortunately they're going to be fatal.

So before you commit to that turn on that yellow light, ensure that the oncoming traffic is coming to a stop.

I can't stress that enough.

Pause and make sure the approaching traffic is in fact coming to a stop.

Many Drivers are Anxious When the Light Turns Yellow

I know for new drivers and other smart drivers, you're going to be anxious when you're sitting in the intersection and the traffic light is turning from yellow to red.

So check, DOUBLE check, and pause and make sure that oncoming traffic is coming to a stop before you commit to that turn.

QUESTION for my smart drivers:

When the light goes to yellow and you're making a left-hand turn do you get incredibly anxious?

Leave a comment down in the comment section there.

All that helps out the new drivers and the veteran drivers alike who are working to be crash free.

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I'm Rick with Smart Drive Test.

Thanks very much for watching.

Good luck on your road test.

And remember, pick the best answer not necessarily right answer.

Have a great day.

Bye now.

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