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Learn how to turn left and not be pressured by other drivers - watch the video.

Failure to Observe Causes Left Turn Crash


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Hi there, smart drivers, Rick with Smart Drive Test talking to you today about left hand turns, and social pressure to go when the light turns yellow.

Another video in the Crash Analysis Smart Series, stick around, we'll be right back with that information.

Hi there, smart drivers, welcome back.

In social driving there is a lot of pressure to

Rick with Smart Drive Test, talking to you about left hand turns and the pressure from social driving.

And, I've talked about social driving before because driving is a social activity, and there are rules that govern how we drive and the actions that we take on the road way.

Social Driving

And, one of the pressures that new drivers feel is the pressure to hurry up and get going, and not impede other traffic.

And, that pressure is real, especially on left hand turns, and that's what we're going to talk about today.

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Driver's often rush the left turn when they're in the intersection and the light goes to yellow leading to a crash.

"T" Intersections

So, you can see here in the crash, there's a left hand turn at a T intersection, and the person turning right on the far side of the section, stops and waves the person turning left to go before them.

Unfortunately, the person turning left didn't ensure that oncoming traffic was coming to a stop, pulled out in front of another vehicle, and ensued in a crash.

Now, I've had the same thing happen to me where other people turning right have waved me on to go first at a left hand turn.

It is imperative that you make sure that oncoming traffic is coming to a stop, or the gap is sufficient.

Scanning Intersections and Yellow Lights

I had a comment from kooldudes597, and he was telling me that he nearly got cleaned up in an intersection, or involved in a crash because the person didn't stop.

The person ran a yellow light.

Left turns on highways are especially dangerous owing to the high fatality rate of left turns and the increased speeds.

And, you can see on the dash cam footage here that I have caught other people making left hand turns at intersections, and the vehicle has charge through the yellow light and charged through red light.

And, this is the reason we have red light cameras, that lots of people run red lights.

Left Turns - Be Absolutely Sure that Oncoming Traffic has Stopped

So, make sure that when you're making a left hand turn, you commit to that, that the oncoming traffic has absolutely stopped.

Do not get pressured by other vehicles to go.

Know that you own the intersection.

An analogy of this is when you turn out into the path of oncoming traffic, it's kinda like soldiers in war.

Like soldiers advancing from their bunkers in war, you are in the line of fire when you commit to a left turn at an intersection.

A Soldier in The Line of Fire

When they step out from that shelter, they are now in the line of fire, and you, as well, are in the line of fire.

"T" Bone Crash - Often Fatal

And, I cannot stress enough that T-bone crashes!

If you have passengers in the vehicle, this maneuver is really, really dangerous for passengers in your vehicle because if you get T-boned, there's not protection in that vehicle.

There's only about six or eight inches, 20 centimeters of metal.

And, most of that metal is hollow on that door panel that's not going to save you.

So, know that it's a very dangerous type of crash.

And, I talked more about that, T-bone crashes and what not in the Defensive Driving Course, over at Smart Drive Test channel.

So again, in the crash, the right hand turning vehicle waved on the left hand turning vehicle.

And for whatever reason, the person turning left in this crash got distracted, didn't make sure that oncoming traffic was coming to a stop, and simply proceeded across into oncoming traffic, and was involved in a crash.

So again, do not, for those of you who are new, or have some fear and trepidation around driving, know that you own the intersection and make sure, and double make sure, and triple make sure that that oncoming traffic is coming to a stop before you proceed with your left hand turn.

Have you felt pressure to go on a left-hand turn?

Question for my smart drivers:

Have you been pressured by other drivers on the road way to hurry up and clear the intersection, and have made an error in judgment when making a left hand turn?

Leave a comment down in the comments section there.

All that helps out the new drivers and the veteran drivers who are working to be crash-free.

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Not to come to the pressures of social driving, and potentially be involved in a crash.

Before turning left, double and triple check that oncoming traffic is indeed stopped, or there is sufficient gap.

So, it will give you all the most prevalent dangers on the road way, and show you how to drive defensively and not risk being involved in a crash, and being injured or being killed in a crash.

So, that's what that is.

And, I'm going to sell it for about $50 dollars.

And, look for that, I'll send out an email, so head over to the Smart Drive Test website and sign up for our newsletter, and I'll be sure to send that out because the first hundred people who sign up for the Defensive Driving Course are going to get it for free.

I'm Rick, with Smart Drive Test.

Thanks very much for watching, good luck on your road test, and remember, pick the best answer, not necessarily the right answer.

Have a great day, bye now.

Many smart drivers experience the social pressure to hurry up and go on left turns.


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I cannot say social driving, social driving.

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