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For new & veteran drivers alike, seat adjustment is crucial.

Trucking | How to Adjust an Air Ride Seat


Updated Jan 2021


Learn how to adjust an air ride seat in a big truck or bus or an RV if you have an air ride seat in an RV as well.

For new drivers learning how to double clutch a non-synchromesh transmission it's important to set the seat up right to help you do that.

And for veteran drivers it will help to maintain the health of your back.

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New Drivers

For new drivers it's important that you have a slight bend in the knees & the seat goes up and down obviously you can get it all the way to the top so you're like a little kid on a toilet seat.

Or you can put the seat all the way to the bottom.

That way you can pretend you're Peterbilt driver.

Now for most of us who are not Peterbilt driver or don't enjoy sitting on a toilet seat like a little kid, you want the seat at approximately so you have a straight 90° bend in the knees here.

Now adjusting the seat back and forth‚what I tell new drivers when they're adjusting a seat back and forth is to put the seat a little bit farther back than you normally would.

What I tell new drivers who have a lot of trouble pushing the clutch in too far when they learn how to drive a non-synchromesh transmission is to put the seat farther back and when they have to push the clutch in for their starting gear, slide their bum forward like this, push the clutch all the way, get it into gear and then let the clutch out and then slide your bum back.

So that way you're not too close, you're not inclined to push the clutch in too far and engage that clutch brake and get a rough shift.

So new drivers that's important.

Now so we've got the height, we've got how far forward we need it to have so that we're just pushing the clutch and so you when your extended‚ full extension on your leg‚ you're not pushing the clutch in more than an inch.

OK, for new drivers that's important.

Veteran Drivers

As you veteran drivers and you're driving long distances you probably want to move the seat back and forth.

The back, many of these seats have lumbar support you want to use that lumbar support as well.

Now the seat goes up and down; some of the newer seats, the bottom piece will move out depending on how long your legs are versus your torso and a lot of that will be about personal comfort.

Now and it also spread sideways to get the cheeks of your bum in there nice and comfortable.

For those who are driving long haul in long periods of time in the seat as well.

The key to air ride seats that a lot of people don't know and a lot of veterans don't know is that they are locked out like this right now.

Air ride seats slide back and forth as well as go up and down. Unlock the slide to protect your back while driving.Unlock the Seat Slide

This seat is locked.

Now you can unlock this seat and this is on the forward and reverse adjustment.

As well now the seat actually rocks back and forth and it's important to have the seat unlocked after you learn how to drive and you start working in the industry because it's hard on your back!

When the truck bounces over a bump, it doesn't go straight up and down like this.

It actually bucks forward like this.

So when you are bucked forward in the seat it's important to have it unlocked because then the seat will rock back and forth.

That energy isn't transformed into your back, but is taken through the vehicle.

Despite what many people might think about air ride suspension, air seats, and air ride cabs, trucks are still rough and they're hard on your body especially if you're driving for long periods of time.

So have the seat unlocked, maintain the health of your back.

And it's usually on the forward and back adjustment.

It just moves into a position where the seat comes unlocked as it is now or there's a switch on the side of the seat that you turn and it will unlock the seat.

So if you're driving long hours make sure you unlock the seat.


For new drivers, put the seat back so you're not as inclined to push the clutch all the way to the floor.

If you need to get the clutch to the floor, to get the clutch brake engaged, move your bum forward, push it in, get it into gear, let it out, and then slide your bum back and use your gears after your starting gear.

For veteran drivers make sure you unlock the seat to maintain the health of your back over a long career of driving, especially if you're sitting in the truck and driving for long periods of time.

Make sure the seat is unlocked in this forward and back because as I said the truck doesn't bounce up and down straight up and down like this, it actually bucks forward.

And instead of having that energy transformed into your back and deteriorating the health of your spine, it's taken into the seat and you actually rock back and forth.


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