When a traffic light is out or malfunctioning, the intersection becomes a 4-Way Stop. Watch the video.

Traffic Light Malfunction | Traffic Smart


Hi there smart drivers - behind me here you can see that the traffic lights are flashing red. So when a traffic light becomes a flashing red, it becomes a four-way STOP, which can be a bit confusing to traffic. So when you're coming up to a traffic light that is flashing red and is obviously malfunctioning, be careful for other traffic because most people are going to not recognize it as a four-way STOP.


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Rather what they're gonna do is, they're going to try and figure who's going to go first. It's a bit of a melee - so take your time, go slowly, and make sure other traffic is stopped. As well, check out on the channel here the video on four-way STOPS and how to handle 4-way STOPS. Because if you have a flashing traffic light, as the one behind me, that's what you're gonna have to do.

I'm Rick with Smart Drive Test. Thanks very much for watching. This is a quick vlog on four-way STOPS on traffic lights that are malfunctioning. Check out the other videos on the channel if you're if you're looking for a license. Lots of great information for those drivers endeavoring to get their license and pass a road test. Thanks very much for watching. Good luck on your road test. And remember, pick the best answer not necessarily the right answer. Have a great day. Bye now!