Hazards Parked Along Roadway

hazards along roadwayHazard identification and recognition are one of the most difficult skill sets that all drivers must learn. Vehicles and pedestrians along the roadway are potential hazards that could cause an incident. If motorists identify these hazard early and respond appropriately—such as reducing speed, covering the brake, and/or increasing following distance—a potential collision can be avoided.

The following clues along the curb are some the hazards a motorist must be able to identify:

    • a parked vehicle with the steering wheels turned out;
    • a driver sitting behind the steering wheel;
    • a parked vehicle running with exhaust coming from the tailpipe;
    • any lights - brake, turning signals, or reverse lights;
    • people walking, running or playing near the road.

If any one of these indicators are present, a drivers should be "covering the brake" to prepare to stop or take evasive action.