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authoritative figureJust because someone in an authoritative organization said it, doesn’t mean it’s true

During my graduate work I learned many valuable skills, but one of the best was restrained scepticism about the reliability of facts and information. If I had the least inkling of a doubt about the meaning of a word, I looked it up; otherwise, I suffered the wrath of my supervisor who was fierce about etymology (the meaning of words). This need to accurate soon applied to all information and knowledge.

A couple of weeks ago, our company had a meeting of its driving instructors. There, two pieces of information were relayed: the first fundamentally changed issues of compliance in the commercial driving industry; and the second potentially changed how we taught students the inner workings of air brakes.

hazards along roadwayHazard identification and recognition are one of the most difficult skill sets that all drivers must learn. Vehicles and pedestrians along the roadway are potential hazards that could cause an incident. If motorists identify these hazard early and respond appropriately—such as reducing speed, covering the brake, and/or increasing following distance—a potential collision can be avoided.

How Complicated is Driving

You will most likely have played one or more ball games, such as football, basketball or hockey. You will have practiced for many, many hours in a bid to improve your skills. Learning to drive a car also requires a great deal of practice to develop the required skills, knowledge and abilities.

Following distance in your vehicle is measured in time because as your speed increases so too does your following distance. When teaching new and upgrading drivers, it is paramount that they learn minimum following distances. Because it is faster to steer out an emergency than to brake; however, to steer a driver requires space. By controlling and maintaining space in front of her vehicle, a driver is going to be safer overall.

As well, the space in front is one of the few space around a vehicle that a driver can always control.


Parking is one of the fundamental skills to pass a road test. Learning slow-speed manoeuvres will improve a driver's overall skills and abilities.Ramp up your students' learning by focusing on slow-speed manoeuvres:

♦ parallel parking;

♦ reversing;

♦ forward figure '8s';

♦ reverse figure '8s';

♦ reverse parking;

♦ 3-point turns, and others.