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Driving a commercial bus or truck farther than 160km from your home terminal? You must know how to keep and maintain a logbook.

United States Logbooks

• If you're driving beyond 100 miles of your home terminal, you must keep a logbook

• If your logbook is filled out incorrectly, in most instances it is the driver that will get the fine

• Learn how to fill out the log sheet correctly and be in compliance with hours of service regulations in the United States

34-Hour Logbook RESET in the United States
Blank Logbook Pages to Practice
Canadians Driving Stateside & Keeping a Logbook
Correctly Calculating Work Cycle | CDL Log Books
How to Correctly Fill Out Logbook Form
How to Correctly Fill Out Logbook Graph—Canada & US
How to Fill Out a Logbook When Driving Team in the US
Log Books | United States Rules
Logbook Exempt | United States
Route Planning for CDL Drivers in United States
Supporting Documents That Verify Your Logbook
United States Log Book Course

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