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 How to Turn a Car Left & Right

Get in the left-turning lane as soon as it starts for the best defensive posturing when turning left.Turning left and right in a car is one of the fundamental skills required to both pass a driving test and be a safer, smarter driver.

Obviously turning right is easier because you're not crossing on-coming traffic to complete the turn.

Still, right turns have their challenges.

These challenges and obstacles include cyclists, pedestrians and any other road user inclined to use the sidewalk and bicycle lanes next to your vehicle.

Effective communication and observation are "must-have" skills to effectively turn safely.

For those preparing for a driver's test, you must also have mastery of the primary controls of the vehicle.

The primary controls consist of the accelerator, brake and steering wheel.

For those of you driving manual cars, the primary controls also include the clutch.

Turning a car left requires a higher skill level.

For those learning drivers, it's recommended that you practice your left and right turns in a quiet residential area before heading to complex, multi-lane intersections.

Get all the information here to both turn right and left safely, and to pass your driver's test.

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