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Turn Right to Pass Driver's Test

Before attempting right turns on the roadway, work in the parking lot to gain mastery of the steering wheel.

To PASS your road test, you must be able to turn right at both controlled and uncontrolled intersections.

Learn the basics first before moving onto complex intersections.

Turning right at controlled intersections ranges from simple STOP signed intersections to multi-lane, high-volume, with a wide spectrum of road users.

When approarching the intersection, proper observation is key.

Scan the intersection to locate road users.

As you're nearing the intersection map and track the road users that my cross your path of travel.

In other words, these bloody pedestrians are going to get in your way.

Or there are cyclists in the bike lane and you have to give-way to them before proceeding with your turn.

Shoulder check minimum two times before the turn - more if you're sitting waiting at the intersection and the traffic changes.

You want one shoulder check approximately 1/2 block before and then immediatley before the turn.

To learn how to pass your road test, these are the procedures for a road test, which include:

• space management;
• speed management;
• observation;
• communication.

These 4 skills are the fundamental requirements that must be displayed to pass any road test.

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