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Newly Licensed Driver

You've just passed your license...and there's still so much to know and learn.

So you've passed your driver's license test.

Now the real learning begins.

Pumping Gas

Yes, you must put gas in the vehicle to make it go.

Fuel pumps can be a bit intimidating the first couple of time.

However, with a few tips and a bit of information, you'll be putting gas in your car like a pro. 

Maintaining Your Vehicle

Changing the oil, rotating the tires, filling the washer fluid and so many other items.

These are just a few of the numerous maintenance items that need to be done on your vehicle.

See the blog post to get all the information you need to keep your vehicle running tip top!

Defensive Driving

 Defensive driving is putting in place skills and strategies that will keep you safe when you make mistakes and when other road users make mistakes.

The most important defensive driving skill is managing space in front of your vehicle.

Yes, other drivers will cut in, but they won't be there very long because they're going faster than you.

This skill must be practiced and hone because rear-end crashes are the number one crash in driving.

Maintain your space in front to avoid rear-ending vehicles in front. 

Getting Pulled Over By Police

Speeding and other driving infractions are going to happen.

And yes, it may be some time before you get pulled over by police.

Hower, it's going to happen evetually.

Be polite and DON"T deny what you did.

Always be respectful.

If you are beligerent and refuse to co-operate with the officer she will give you a ticket.

If you are respectful and simply answer the officer's question, a high number of tickets can be avoided.

Break Downs on the Side of the Road

Learn how to change a tire.

If you can't, or you're not inclined to learn, then get roadside assistance.

Roadside assistance is often less than $100/year and incudes tows and tire changes.

There are a number of other things that roadside assistance will do as well, depending on your plan.

Some insurance policies include roadside assistance.

When pulling off the side of the road, get some where safe if you can.

An off-ramp, turn at an intersection, or into a fuel station are far better places to stop than the side of the road.

Buying a Car

Buying a car is a huge deal.

It's your independence.

But these are expensive.

Get some help to find a good vehicle for a good price.

And if you want a blue car...buy a blue car.

There are lots of vehicles out there, and with a bit of patience, you can get the vehicle you want.


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