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 How to Turn Left to Pass Driver's Test

For the best defensive posturing when preparing to turn left, wait at the edge of the intersection to stay safe.

Turning left is the most challenging maneuver for drivers.

Companies such as UPS and Uber have discouraged their drivers to avoid left turns whenever possible.

The reason for the higher risk is that you're moving across the path of oncoming traffic when turning left.

However, for the purposes of passing a driver's test you must know how to execute a left turn safely - often at a complex intersection.

The two critical skills for turning left are correctly judging a sufficient gap and staying out of the intersection when waiting for the gap to present itself.

If you're waiting at the edge of the intersection, you're committed to the turn, but you're not in the intersection if something happens.

When learning to turn left, start in a quiet, low-density traffic areas.

Many residential areas will work well for you to learn how to turn left safer and smarter.

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