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 The red trailer air line (supply or emergency) always goes on the driver's side of the trailer.

CDL Air Brake Test

• To pass your CDL Air Brake Test, there is a lot of information that you have to know

• Get all the information here to pass your CDL air brake test first time

• Learn the technical information that will allow you to both pass the CDL test and become a safer, smarter truck or bus driver

Applied Stroke - Check Air Brake Adjustment
CDL Combination Air Brake Pre-Trip—Infograph
Compounding Air Brakes
One-Way Check Valves
Pry Bar - Check Air Brake Adjustment
Single Unit In-Cab Air Brake Checks—Infograph
Spring Brake Modulator (Inversion) Valve
Testing Tractor Protection Valve & System
Two-way Check Valves
Types of Foundation Brakes

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