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In her second driving lesson, Kaillah learns the secrets to passing her driver's test.

Kaillah's Second Smart Driving Lesson With Instructor


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- Kayla's second driving lesson focused on highway driving, because there is a possibility during your test, you could end up on the highway as part of the route.

As well, we worked on other skills and abilities for her to be ready for her test in a couple of days.

Stick around, we'll be right back with that information.

Kaillah's second driving lesson worked on STOP signed intersections and driving on highways.

Two Way STOP Signed Intersections

Thinking a lot about two-way stops.

- Mm-hmm.

- And I asked a friend of mine.

He's a driving instructor in Ontario.

- Uh-huh.

- You got to do the same thing you just did there.

So you stop at the correct position.

And then you do the same thing as if you're coming out of that driveway there.

- Oh, I see.

After stopping at the correct position at a 2-Way STOP signed intersection, treat it as you would your driveway.

- I guess it's, I guess it's a little confusing.

Cause it stopped and you stopped and then you think you can go, right?

- Mhm

- Which

- Certainly when you can see, right?

- Yeah.

- Like

- So I can see, you know, now that I kind of figured out that it's not just, and it's not just you that's having that issue, it's other people that I've worked with too.

 If the STOP sign doesn't have the 4-, all-, or 3-WAY underneath, then it's a 2-WAY Stop sign.

I can see how it's confusing when I look at it.

Try and look at it from your perspective.

- Yep.

- So, yeah.

So just think of it coming in your driveway.

After you come to a complete stop, then you're going to do the same thing that you would come into your driveway to sneak forward until you can see.

And then you, when you're, when your gaps there, then you can go.

- Okay.

- At a four-way stop, is always going to have that little white thing underneath it.

The 4-WAY STOP signed intersection is depicted under the stop sign.

That's going to say four way stop.

If it doesn't have that little white piece underneath it, It's always going to be a two way stop.

And the cross traffic isn't going to stop for you.

You have to wait for a gap and then go.

- So basically three way, four way stop are the same right? And all the way stop?

- Say it again.

I'm sorry.

- Three way and four way stop are basically the same.

- Yes.


Three way, four way all way.

Kaillah is working hard toward her driver's license road test.

They're all the same rules.

So you basically just stop.

You make sure that all the other cars are stopped and then you can go but in a two-way, it's the same as your driveway.

- Okay.

The Vehicle Isn’t Moving Up

What's happening here?

- I'm not really sure what this person is doing in front of us.

Yeah, they do stopped on the side.

I mean, I understand they're not, they don't want to block the intersection would been really nice if they moved ahead.

So see that little white-

Some times other traffic doesn't let you know what it's doing.

- Just going straight through?

- Yeah, we're going straight through.

4-Way STOP Signed Intersection

See the little white four way?

- Mhm

- It'll always have that if it's a four way or an all way or three way.

If it doesn't have that, then it's, then it's a two way.

- Mhm.

- You don't have to

- Oh, okay.

At 4-WAY stop signed intersections, stop at the correct position, ensure other traffic is stopped and then proceed.

- On four ways, you don't have to.

You just got to make sure they're stopped and then you can proceed.

Only on two ways, you have to do that.

- Okay.

Move Back to The Right After Turning Left

- As soon as you get into the left lane, move to the right immediately

- Right signal.

- Right? Sorry.

- Yeah move over.

After turning left on a multi lane highway, be sure to move back to the right lane immediately. The driving examiner will not tell you to do this.

- Oh okay We're going to turn right.

- Oh, my bad.

- That's why I told you to move over.

Remember as soon as you turn left, it's okay.

So as soon as you turn left, you got to move over to the right lane.

- Right lane?

- Yeah.

So you turn left into the left lane, right?

- Mhm.

On a driver's test stay in the right lane because you are moving slower than the flow of traffic when driving the posted speed limit.

- And then you got to change lanes to the right lane.

Cause you got to drive in the right lane unless they tell you to turn left in a couple of blocks, you got to get over to that lane.

- Okay.

It's kind of confuse me because there's four lanes.

- Yeah.

And there's a very high probability that they'll bring you down here to this intersection.

- Mhm.

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If another vehicle is turning left and has positioned their vehicle in the intersection, stay behind the stop line.

Where to Stop for Left Turn

- In case like this, do I just stop here or?

- Perfect.

Absolutely perfect.

- So only just that first car that can go there.

- You can see the lights gone yellow and they're going to have to go and you're going to stay here.

You're in that, you did that perfectly

- For example on my road test, like, what if I was the first car?

Could I turn?

- Yes.

If you were the first car you would do what that car did, you go up and put your front steer tires on that front line?

- Mhm.

- And then you wait and if, if the light goes yellow before you get a gap, you got to go on the yellow.


As soon as the light turns yellow, start driving straight forward.

For the purposes of your driver's test, don't drive over painted islands.

Make sure that that traffic is coming to a stop when you're absolutely sure they're stopped.

Then turn quickly.

- Okay.

Automatic Fail - Too Slow on the Highway

Again, 10 kilometers an hour under the speed limit.

They are definitely going to assign you points.

- I'm too scared to over speed.

- You're, well you're doing under you're going, come on, let's do 90.

Aim your signal shoulder.

Check to the left.

Many new drivers have not had any experience driving on highways.

We're going to change lanes to the left lane.

Don't slow down, don't slow down and you're doing 60 in a 90.

You just failed your driver's test.

Cause you're doing 30 under the speed limit,

- Just going straight to or?

- No, we're going to turn left.

- I'm not used to like driving in a highway.

Just in the city.

Your Job On a Driving Test

- Remember what I say about what your job is for the driving test, right? What's your job? Show that examiner that you have due care and control of the vehicle in changing traffic conditions.

A couple of miles an hour on either side of the posted speed limit is okay, but 5 or 10mph is an automatic fail.

And that means going uphill.

That means driving on the highway.

So they, they might bring you out there.

So we just, we got to, we got to work on that before today and tomorrow

- Okay.

- You got to get that into place.

Left Centre Turning Lane

And left at the next intersection.

So you have a left center turning lane.

Left-centre turning lanes are in the centre of the road and allow vehicles to turn left without impeding traffic flow.

So you have a turning lane in the center of the road.

- Here?

Sorry are we turning here?

- Yes, yes.

We're turning here.

No up further at the intersection.

Left Centre Turning Lanes

That's a parking lot, but this is like, this is called a left center, turning lane.

It's in the center of a road and it's a turning lane.

Turning left at a complex intersection is a challenging manoeuvre for new drivers.

- Mhm.

- You're going to have to try and remember tomorrow when you're turning left, keep your hand on the outside of the steering wheel.

- Okay.

- Because you know, he or she will let you away with that one time.

And then after that, they're going to sign demerits every time you do it.

So remember the goal is to get as few demerits as you can.

So you pass, right?

- Mhm.

Okay now this is a school zone back here.

Because the school is right there.

Left Turns & Painted Islands

- Mhm.

- Okay definitely don't do that on your test.

- Uh

- What that guy did.

At a complex intersection, you may have to turn left on the yellow light.

- Uh, went over there.

- Yeah

- Oh.

- Oh, you can't get around there.

You got to wait until it comes up.

Now you could probably get in there.

That's why you're going to shoulder check.

- Okay.

What was the honking for?

Oh, because they're a dummy and they're pulled up beside you.

- I just want to like wrap this up.

I'm not going on the-

- You are sitting there with your signal on, so I don't know.

Just move up a little bit more.

So your front tires in the front crosswalk line.

Now you might have to go on yellow here.

As soon as the light turns yellow, drive straight forward into the intersection and ensure that the oncoming traffic is indeed stopped before turning.


- Oops.

- Yeah, go, go, go, go, go, go.

Rear the intersection.

- If like, what I just did.

I did that on my road test would I fail?

- Nope.

- Because I was already...

- You are already committed to the intersection.

You got to go, but you hesitated a little bit on the yellow.

- Uh huh.

- You were kind of like, I'm going to stay here when you can't stay there.

You got to go.

If the gap is coming in the gap and there's like the traffic's coming, you need to stay here.

After a driving lesson it's important to talk to the student about how she is feeling about the driving and manoeuvres.

Cause you're going to turn left over the next intersection.

- Oh, just stay here?

- Just stay here.

Um, if the cars are coming in, the cars are coming in.

The cars are coming in here.

There's no gap.

You're going to say to yourself, okay, I'm going to turn on the yellow.

And as soon as that light turns yellow, start driving straight into the intersection.

As soon as you know that the traffic has in fact stopped, then make your turn.

- Okay.

- Because when it's busy like that, you're not going to get a gap, right?

You're going to have to go on the yellow.

Like an assessment for learning, a debrief allows instructors to tailor the driving lessons to the students comfort and abilities.

- This is what like scares me the most, like, when it's going to turn yellow and then I need to turn left on the intersection.

- Okay, just know you own the intersection, okay?

You own the intersection, so just do what, focus on what you need to do to get the vehicle around there safely.

- Okay.

How Kaillah Feels About Her Driving Test

- So how was that?

- It was all right.

I made a lot of mistakes.

Like I don't feel like pretty confident on a Friday.

- You're never going to feel a hundred percent confident.

Speed control, like space management is a major component of a on-road driving test.

So you just got to work on those mistakes, you know, if can you get some driving in between now and then that would be great.

And then you can work on that, right? Were you able to get out and do those exercises? I.

- Not really, because no one can really go with me.

- Because there's a few, there's a few things that you need to work on for, for Friday for sure.

- But you think like I can make it on Friday or should I just reschedule my test?

Because I don't really want to fail, especially when, you know, it's a lesson.

- Well, I mean, the other issue with that is, is how long is it going to be for you to get into the test?

It might be, it might be the fall-

- Exactly right.

- Yeah.

- It's really hard.

For new drivers, learning to drive is both fun and challenging.

Like I just got lucky to get the June 11, like on Friday and the next one is going to be like in December.

- Yeah, yeah.

On there, one sec.

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Bye now.

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