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Kaillah's third driving lesson with an instructor.

First Smart Driving Lesson With Instructor - Kaillah


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- Driving lesson number 3 with Kaillah.

We worked on straight line backing and other maneuvers required for her driving test, which was the next day, uh, she was having a little bit of challenges with all of that.

But it improved her driving overall.

Stick around, we'll be right back with that information.

Stopping for Pedestrians at Crosswalks

Stop, that too is an automatic fail on a drivers test.

- Well, I saw him but I was going to stop.

- [Driving Instructor] Okay.

Driving Through Parking Lots

- Are we going to exit?

- Uh no, we'll follow that car around.

K, so under 20 in a parking lot.

- Okay.

- Anytime you're in closed quarters like this, you got to try and go less than 20.

- Mhm.

Do you have to signal in a park?

- You should, yes.

- Here, straight through?

Turning Left at a Busy Intersection

- Yeah, straight and then go left at that, controlled intersection.

- Okay.

- K, now you're going to have to pull in beside that car.

- That, sorry

- You're going to have to pull into this first lane.

- Okay.


- Otherwise your going to stay here forever.


Not now.

- There's a lot of cars today.

Can I go?

- Now you can.

Just remember, it's going to be this busy tomorrow morning.

Rick Intersection

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Proceeding Through on a Yellow Light

- If it's like that, like

- That's fine.

That's fine.

Now which lane should you be

- Like when you're

- K, turn right at the intersection.

Remember, right lane.

When it goes one to two, get over into the right lane.

- K.

If I fully stop on a red light, I can still

- Yep, you can.

If you're not comfortable going on a red, you can wait for the green.

We're going to go right at the round-a-bout.

Moving Through Roundabouts

K, you don't need to move over like that.

- Oh, okay.

- Just make sure that they're staying in their lane and then.

- I noticed that some people don't use their signal on, we're just going straight through?

- No, we're going that way.

We're going right.

- I noticed some people don't use hand signals in the round-a-bout.

- No, a lot of people don't use signals.

But you want to signal just as you would at a conventional intersection, so we're going to go left here.

You don't have to stop.

Those are yield signs.

- Okay.

- You only have to stop, to give a way to vehicles in the round-a-bout.

No, we're going left.

- Here?

- Yes.

Speed Control to Pass Your Driver's Test

Like I said yesterday, a couple of kilometers an hour is okay but when you're 10, when you're wandering 10 up and down, above the speed limit.

They're probably not going to pass you for that.

It's just too, your too unpredictable to tell to traffic.

- And this is where it ends, right?

- We're going to go right at the intersection.

Now that solid white line, you can't cross over that.

- Oh, no?

- You're now sitting in the bike lane.


Solid white lines, don't cross.

- Even though you're going to turn right?

- Even though you're going to, you still got to stay out of it.


Stopping Positions at Stop Signed Intersections

Where is the stopping position here?

- I have to be there?

- Nope.

- What do you mean?

- Where, there's 3 stopping positions at a stop sign.

Is there a stop line?

- Nope.

Is there a sidewalk?

- No.

- Then, where do you stop?

At the edge, not, stop sign doesn't have anything to do with it.

- Okay.

- At the edge, just before.

- Oh, at the edge of the curb?

- Yeah, just before entering the intersection.

- Oh, if there's no line, or crosswalk?

- Yes.

- Okay.

Reversing a Car Down an Alley

- K, see this alley right here? So pull over to the left, here.

You're going to back down that alley.

Okay so the other thing is, look forward to see whether you're vehicle is straight.

- Oh, okay.

- That'll help you with your backing.

Keep going.

- Oh, keep going?

- All the way.

Slow down, slow down you're going a little hot there.

K you can't use your mirrors, you got to look out the back window.

Slow down, slow down.

Too fast, you're too fast.

You're going too fast, slow down.

Something happens, you're not going to have time to react.

K you're too far my way, you're way too far my way.

No, no.

No, stop, stop, stop, stop, You see that?

- Yeah.

- You're going this way, you need to get over that way.

So, pull ahead.

So, look forward Kayla.

Are you in the center of this lane?

- No.

- No, so you have to get your vehicle in the center of this lane.

There's a big pile of concrete right there.

You need to get your back end over that way.

- Mhm.

- Slow down, slow down.

You are going way too fast.

Okay stop, stop.

Which way is your back end going?

- This way.

- Yeah, so look forward and see whether your vehicle is straight.

Your vehicle's not straight, so pull ahead and get your vehicle straight.

There ya go.

Now nice and slow, this is all downhill, so you just need to put your foot on the brake.

You don't need to use any throttle.

- Okay.

- Just control the brake and it'll go nice and slow.

Slow down, slow down.

K now just pause, stop the vehicle.

Look forward, are you straight?

- Yes.

- Okay, excellent then continue.

Yeah, you can do that.

You can put your hand on the seat there, if that's more comfortable.

K again, pause.

Look forward.

Straight? Looks good.

- Yeah.

- Pause, pause, pause.

Where's your back end going?

- Um, here a little bit.

- Yeah, so you need to get over that way.

- Okay.

- Slow, slow, slow, slow, slow, slow.


Stop, stop, stop, stop.

Where's your back end going?

- Mm, this way.

- Yeah, you need to get over.

See? Look, stop.

See, look forward.

Where are you in relation to the lane?

You're over on your side, right?

- Yeah.

- Yeah, so maybe just pull ahead and get centered before you head out onto the road here behind us.

You're going to get your back end that way, you're pointed the wrong direction.

You're heading in this direction,

- This direction?

- No, no.

This direction.

- Oh, okay.

- So, you need to get, yeah, you need to get straightened out.

So go ahead and straighten out again.

You're, the reason your back end's going that way is because your steering wheel's turned.


Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop.

Let's just wait for the car here.

- Okay.

- Make sure, watch that pole there, okay?

- Mhm.

- K, nice and easy.

And we go.

Hang on there one sec, the thought of failing your drivers test.

Is what keeps ya up at night right now.

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All the best.

Bye now.

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