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Kaillah's first driving lesson with an instructor.

First Smart Driving Lesson With Instructor - Kaillah


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- Driving lesson number one with Kaillah.

Today is an assessment for learning.

In the first lesson with Kaillah, we did an assessment for learning.

We're figuring out where her driving is at and then working on skills and abilities for her driving test, which is actually on Friday, so we're under a bit of a time crunch here, because it's Monday and we have four days to get her ready for her driving test.

Stick around, we'll be right back with that information.

So basically today, all we'll do is we'll just, we'll just drive around we'll kind of see where you're at we'll see how you're doing.

- [Kaillah] Okay.

- [Rick] And then, you're going to have to be able to brake with your stick.

Keep it around that seventy kilometres per hour.

Kaillah had good mastery of the vehicle's primary controls.

I think you're already aware of that.

Your stops are really good you really good control of the brake.

Steering Wheel Positioning

Now we can tilt the back of this seat back a little bit I think that you might be more comfortable.

- Back a little bit.

- Cause you're okay on your legs,

- Yeah.

- [Rick] it's just your arms are a little

- [Kaillah] Mhm.

- [Rick] You're a little bit, you should be a little bit more like this with your arms.

Overall Kaillah was good with the vehicle and it's position on the roadway in relation to other road users.

- [Kaillah] Okay.

- Nope, just the, this the back.

There you go.

- There.


- Is that a little bit better?

- Yeah.

- Yeah cause usually you just want kind of like a slight bend in your arms like this and that way you'll be more comfortable when you're driving.

I know it's a bit tough with your your legs are a little bit short there.

- [Kaillah] Yeah.

For the purposes of a driving test, red and yellow traffic lights mean the same thing: stop if you can do so safely.

You Should Be Driving in the Right Lane

- [Rick] But you're right, I know what you're thinking.

- Yeah, yeah.

You're thinking

- Yeah because I'm not bossy.

- We're not, we're just you're a little bit nervous, it's first time, it's okay.

You don't have to stop, you can keep going, that's a yield, that's not a stop.

So they're good, so now you just proceed.

- Proceed where?

- Straight through, right here.

Most new drivers have difficulty with roundabouts and these must be explained by the driving instructor.

- Straight through.

- And I promise I won't yell at you.

- I will not yell at you.

- Sorry

- We're going, at the traffic light we'll turn left.

- [Kaillah] Okay.

How to Shoulder Check

- So shoulder check.

So shoulder quick, quick head turn

Shoulder (Head) checking is a fundamental skill for a safe driving.

- Quick head turn.

- Very quick head turn.

Stopping at the Yellow Traffic Light

- Slow down, slow down

- [Kaillah] Sorry.

- [Rick] and stop stop stop stop stop stop.

- [Kaillah] Is okay.

- [Rick] Nope, the only reason I was saying that is because had you gone on that yellow that's an automatic fail.

- Okay.

- Okay.

To shoulder (head) check a driver must have a quick 90° head movement in the direction that she is moving the vehicle.

So if the light turns yellow and you're still back here, get on the brakes and get it stopped because for the purposes of your driver's test, yellow and red are the same, they mean the same thing.


- [Kaillah] Okay.

- That's why I was stop stop stop stop stop cause I'm having a go at you.

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Stop stop stop stop stop stop

- [Kaillah] Sorry.

Two Way Stop Signs

- Two way, you got to stop and then creep out.

- Yep.

- [Rick] Watch watch watch watch watch watch.

Two-way stop signed intersections pose challenges for new drivers.

- Sorry.

- No, okay.

- I'm sorry.

- All good.


So two ways stop signs, major road has the right of way over the turning over the other traffic.

- Okay.

- that's controlled, okay.

- Yep.

- So you're going to have through traffic, which is that lane and they have the right of way.

To locate the end of a playground or school speed zone, you must look for the back of the sign.

- Mhm.

So you have to stop and then creep up and stop again

- Yeah.

- and wait for a place to go, okay.

- Mhm.

- So there's the end of the playground sign there.

So the other piece going back to that intersection where you sort of went through,

- [Kaillah] Mhm.

If You Get Into A Situation That You Can't Handle, Just STOP

if you get into a situation, any situation when you're driving or a situation like that on your driver's test and it's not just your driving test, it's anytime you're driving and you were unsure what to do stop, just stop.

As a new driver, if you're in the least bit of doubt about what is going on in the driving environment...simply stop.

Reassess the situation, other drivers will go around you if something doesn't happen and the traffic situation will clear and then you can proceed after that when you're safe.

But if you're, if you're in the least bit doubt of what to do just stop.

Going Out On The Highway For the First Time

- [Kaillah] Are we going on the highway?

- [Rick] We are, yes.

I can feel you panicking.

Shoulder check here.

There you go.

See when it goes two to one like that and you're

Many new drivers do not have highway experience.

- Shoulder check.

- Yeah just shoulder check to make sure there's nobody coming up on the inside here.

- [Kaillah] On the road test do they take you here?

- Not likely.

We'll stay out to this side cause you'll get a better line of sight on the highway.

- [Kaillah] Okay.

- [Rick] Okay.

Floor it, get her going, signal right or left rather, that way, up to ninety put your food into it.

Throttle, throttle, throttle, go, go, go.

There you go.

More throttle, more throttle.

Highway merging is a skill that new drivers must be taught.

- Nice.

- I'm not used to driving here.

- Whoa, whoa.

- Sorry.

- Yeah, two way stop.


You can't just bulldoze into the intersection.

So when your shoulder checking to the left you're turning too far.

Turning left from a highway is an essential skill for new drivers to learn.

- Yep.

- Just 90° degrees.

Just turn your head 90° degrees.

- 90° degrees.

- Yep.

- I don't have to exaggerate it the turn.

- No, it doesn't have to be more than 90 degrees.

- Okay.

- It's just a quick head turn and that's all you need.

- Okay.

Kaillah did well on her first driving lesson.

- Hang on there one sec we know that your driving test is the most stressful day of your life.

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Have a great day.

Bye now.

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