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Speed limits are only one indicator of how fast you should drive on a road test - there are others.

How Fast Do You Drive to Pass Your Road Test?


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Hi there smart drivers, Rick with Smart Drive Test talking today about the speed sign.

The speed sign is a regulatory sign.

Regulatory - the root word of regulatory is regulation.

Regulation means the law! For the purposes of a road test you have to obey speed signs.

Do not speed, do not dawdle - if you do you won't be successful on your road test.

We'll be right back to talk to you about the speed sign.


Hi there smart drivers, welcome back.

Rick with Smart Drive Test talking to you about the speed sign.

The speed signs are regulatory, which means that you must obey them for the purposes of a road test and at other times so you don't get speeding tickets.

Regulatory Traffic Signs

Regulatory signs are rectangular in shape, as you can see here.

They have a black border & the symbols and writing on them are black and they are standardized across North America.

So you need to obey these for the purposes of a road test.

Regulatory signs must be obeyed.<p>These signs are rectangular in shape, have a white background and the symbols and letters are black.

For the purposes of a road test you either need to do the speed limit--the posted speed limit--or you need to do the traffic flow whichever is less.

You need to do the posted speed limit, flow of traffic, or the capability of the vehicle.

Capability of the Vehicle...Huh?

If you're driving a larger class vehicle--a truck or a bus--and you're going uphill it's not going to do the speed limit.

So whatever the capability of the vehicle is is the speed limit at which you drive for the purposes of a road test.

Ideal Traffic Conditions

Now the other thing to keep in mind: this is the posted speed limit for ideal conditions.

If the conditions deteriorate for any reasons--you're in traffic, there's high pedestrian volume--you can reduce your speed.

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Light, you have glare you're driving into glaring sun, you can reduce your speed.

Temporary conditions such as construction and whatnot.

If there are different speed signs in a construction zone, those supersede the signs if they're not covered up for whatever reason.

So make sure that you pay attention to construction zones and temporary conditions that will cause you to reduce speed during a road test.

Finally for the purposes of a road test don't dawdle.

When you turn a corner or you pull out onto another road.

Get Up to Speed As Quick As Possible

Make sure that you get the vehicle up to speed as quickly as possible, especially on a driver's test.

This sign indicates that the 30 kilometer an hour speed zone ends and you can resume speed.

But what can you resume speed to? In the city, the speed limit is 50 kilometers an hour (30mph) unless otherwise posted by speed signs.

So this speed sign earlier on indicates that you need to do 30 kilometers an hour.

After this sign you can do 50 kilometers an hour.

Speed management is a major component of a road test regardless of class and regardless of where you are in the world.

Outside the city limits, the speed limit is 80 kilometers an hour (50mph) outside of urban centers.

In the United States it's 50 miles per hour outside of urban centers; inside the city in the United States of America, it's 30 miles per hour is the speed limit unless otherwise posted.


In conclusion, speed signs are regulatory signs.

They must be obeyed.

They're the same shape: they're all rectangular, they have a black border, white background and the writing on them is black.

Follow the posted speed limits for the purposes of a road test.

Speed limits are posted speed limit, the flow of traffic, or capability of the vehicle whichever is less.

And don't dawdle on a road test - get your vehicle up to speed as quickly as possible.

Accelerate quickly, efficiently and not too fast and not too slow.

You'll get in as much trouble for going too slow during a road test as you will for going too fast.

I'm Rick with Smart Drive Test.

Thanks very much for watching.

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All of that helps us out.

Remember, pick the best answer, not necessarily the right answer.

Good luck on your road test.

Have a great day.


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