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Playground zone signs can be trick! Watch the video.

Playground Zone Sign | Pass a Road Test


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 Hi there smart drivers, Rick with Smart Drive Test.

Another quick tip for road test smart.

Cautionary Sign

This sign here—the one on the top—is a cautionary sign indicated by its shape of a diamond, black border, yellow background.

And the one person in black on it which is the symbol.

A playground ahead sign has one person on the sign.<p>This is a cautionary sign...except when accompanied with a regulatory sign beneath!

Playground Zone Sign

The one person in black indicates a playground in the area, which is the playground is right up the street here behind me.

There's a pool, and a playground, and a sports center - baseball diamonds and soccer fields and whatnot.

Now most of the time this just is take note for the driver to be on the lookout for people walking on the roadway and kids and whatnot on the sidewalks playing and those types of things and kind of being on alert in and around the park area.

Regulatory Speed Sign

Regulatory road signs must be obeyed.<p>The root word or regulatory is regulation...or the law.However underneath this is a regulatory sign.

The regulatory sign is a speed sign.

Its rectangular in shape, it has a black border with a white background and the lettering on it is black.

This speed sign is 30 kilometers an hour (20mph).

For the purposes of a road test you need to do 30 kilometers an hour (20mph), because if you speed through this zone you will not be successful on your road test.

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Don't Fail Your Road Test

And unfortunately I've had students fail because they sped through one of these playgrounds zones.

So it's a little bit deceiving because of the cautionary sign on the top, but the regulatory sign on the bottom.

So make sure you pay attention to that.

Now a couple of things you can do to locate these signs in and around where you might be taking your driver's test:

1) know that you are not going to travel farther than a 10 minute - 15 minute radius from wherever the testing center is.

So you could draw a radius on a map of a couple, two-three kilometers and that's where the road test area is going to be.

You can go and drive around and try and find these signs.

2) The other way to do it is spend a few bucks, hire a driving instructor from one of the local driving schools to take you out and do a mock road test.

For bang for the buck— your return on investment—it's probably the best money you're going to spend.

Because driving instructors teach people how to pass road tests every day.

They're going to show you where these signs are located.

And the other things that you might need to pay attention to on your road test.

So hire a driving instructor and be successful on your road test.

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All that helps us out.

I'm Rick with Smart Drive Test.

Good luck on your road test.

Thanks very much for watching.

Remember, pick the best answer, not necessarily the right answer.

Have a great day.

Bye now!

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