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Do you know how to pass farm equipment and other slow-moving vehicles to pass your road test - watch the video.

Overtaking Slow-Moving Vehicles to Pass Your Road Test


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Hi there smart drivers Rick with Smart Drive Test talking to you today about the slow moving vehicle sign, which you'll have to be knowledgeable to be successful on a road test.

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Slow moving vehicle signs warn drivers of vehicles that are travelling less than 40kph (25mph) on public roads and that they may have to pass.

The slow-moving vehicle sign is an equilateral triangle.

It's orange in the center and has a red border.

Horse & Buggy

And I'm visiting my mom here in Ontario in Huron in County, in the town of Wingham.

And there are lots of farm equipment vehicles out on the roadways.

And as well the Mennonites with their horse-drawn buggies out on the side of the roadway.

In local areas in Canada and the United States the Amish & Mennonites still travel with horse and buggy along public roads.

Some times these vehicles move over to the shoulder of the road and some times they don't.

If they stay on the roadway, you're going to have to pass.

And that's the other reason that you need to know what the slow-moving vehicle sign is.

Practice Where You're Going to Take Your Test

And you need to practice in and around the licensing center where you're going to be taking your road test because if there's an industrial area, or you're taking it in a rural community you're going to find these signs.

And you're going to have to be knowledgeable about the slow-moving vehicle sign and vehicles that are doing less than 40 kilometers an hour or 25 miles an hour for those of you in the States.

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So here in Huron County there are Mennonites who live in the area so there's horse-drawn vehicles.

You can see the sign here that warns traffic of the horse-drawn buggies along the roadways.

Passing on a 2-Lane Road is a High-Risk Manoeuvre

And as well as I said, you're going to have to pass and you need to be careful when you're passing because it is one of the highest risk crashes.

And often times head-on crashes result in fatality.

So know that and when you're passing, take note of the road markings.

The road markings will give you an indication of whether it is safe to pass or not.

If it's a double line and there's a solid line on your side of the road you don't want to pass.

You want to wait until you get a dotted line on your side of the road.

If it's a single solid line you can pass, but pass with caution.

A cautionary sign warns of horse and buggies travelling along the roadway.

Judging the Gap to Pass Safely 

And as well, if you're not careful or not comfortable with the gap, work with a veteran driver - somebody else who can help you with judging the gap to be able to pass safely and pass successfully.

As well, I'll put a video up here in the corner for you on judging gap and how you can learn how to do that.

And do that by going out to an intersection or a roadway or whatnot and counting off how far away in time the vehicles are away from you.

And that way that will give you some idea of how to pass successfully.

Tractors, marine, and industrial equipment will display the slow-moving vehicle sign.

When you're passing these vehicles--these slow-moving vehicles--which can be either farm equipment horse-drawn vehicles if you're an industrial area these'll be industrial equipment or if you're around a marine environment those types of things.

All of these slow-moving vehicles will be there and you will need to know how to handle these and to identify this sign on the back of these vehicles.

Now as well, know that on some of this older farm equipment, the slow moving vehicle signs...

they've been on there for quite a while and they can be faded.

So know that as well and just take note of that and be careful when you're passing.

Question for my smart drivers:

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I'm Rick with Smart Drive Test.

Thanks very much for watching.

Good luck on your road test.

And remember, pick the best answer not necessarily the right answer.

Have a great day.

Bye now.


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