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The “Do Not Enter” sign is a regulatory sign and must be obeyed to pass your driver's test.

For the purposes of a road test you must know a school crosswalk sign.

Playground zone signs can be trick! Watch the video.

Speed limits are only one indicator of how fast you should drive on a road test - there are others.

Yield signs are rarely found at conventional intersections, but these do exist.

There are 3 ways road signs convey information: 1) shape, 2) color, 3) words & symbols.

Do you know the most prolific signs on our roadway; these signs are everywhere?

Do you know that speeding in a school zone on a road test is an automatic fail.

Where must you begin to slow when speed reduces? Watch the video.

4-Way or All-WAY STOPs are complicated and a must know for a road test - watch the video.

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