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Construction signs are a "MUST KNOW" to pass a driver's test!

Construction Signs—Road Closed | Pass a Road Test


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Hi there smart drivers, Rick with Smart Drive Test.

Another sign for road sign smart.

Today we're talking about the construction sign.

Colours & Shape

The construction sign is orange with a black background and the symbols or writing on it are black.

Therefore it is construction and warns you of hazards and obstructions on the roadway.

And often these are temporary conditions.

This sign here is a temporary sign and you can tell because it's a two-by-four construction and has sand bags down here at the bottom to hold the sign up.

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How Road Signs Convey Information

Road signs, as we said in the past, convey information in three ways:

1) the shape of the sign;

2) the color;

3) and what is written on it or the symbols that are on the sign.

According to legislation (the law) flaggers MUST be obeyed when directing traffic along roadways.


So this is a construction sign and black and orange are the colors for construction that's happening in and around urban areas and other places.

So be aware that it's temporary conditions and these signs will warn you of that construction.


In construction zones, signs work in concert with many other apparatus to warn you of construction zones and to guide you safely through the construction zone:

  • pylons,
  • flaggers,
  • construction equipment,
  • and sometimes pilot cars will all direct you through the construction zone.

So be aware and on the look out for all of those apparatus in the construction zone to get you safely through the construction zone and avoid the hazards and obstructions that present themselves as temporary conditions in the construction zones.

Particularly this construction zone here is a road closed and we're going to talk about the road closed sign for a moment.

Road Closed Sign

Behind me here, you can see the "do not enter" sign and I'll put a card up here for you for the complete video on the "do not enter" sign.

The "do not enter" sign underneath that it says "Road Closed" which means that you should not go in there and you should not drive on there.

Because there is a liability on your insurance and your insurance could be found null and void if you were found culpable of driving on a road that is closed due to a construction zone.

Some construction zones will have

There are other reasons for road closures, but this road is closed because of construction.

And as well, you can see the pylons that are orange and black striped, and you can see the diggers behind me, which are characteristic of a construction zone.

Fenced Construction Zone

This construction zone is also surrounded by a fence, which creates a distinct physical barrier between other traffic and the construction vehicles that are in the construction zone.

So be aware that you might be following a construction vehicle that's going into the construction area; you cannot go in there.


So construction zones, road closed do not enter signs, and again check out the card up in the corner for the complete video on the "do not enter" sign.

Again, construction zones are temporary conditions.

Construction signs are orange and black - often rectangular or diamond in shape--and the lettering or the symbols on the sign will be black.

Road Signs convey information in 3 ways: 1) shape; 2) colours; 3) words or symbols.


I'm Rick with Smart Drive Test.

Thanks very much for watching.

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As well, check out the other videos below, check out the cards up here to give you other videos to watch, especially if you're embarking on a road test.

I'm Rick with Smart Drive Test.

Thanks very much for watching.

Remember, pick the best answer, not necessarily the right answer.

Good luck on your road test.

Have a great day.

Bye now!

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