Shoulder Checking Supplemental | Pass a Road Test

Shoulder checking is an essential skill for a road test. Watch the video!

Shoulder Checking Supplemental | Pass a Road Test



Hi there smart drivers, Rick with Smart Drive Test.

Another quick tip for road test smart. I had a comment from Karla.

She wanted to know how to shoulder check.

She'd watched the video on shoulder checking and she wanted some more clarification about how to do that.

So what I thought I would do is hook up the cameras here in the car, and go for a drive and show you how to shoulder check for the purposes of a road test.

I'll just reiterate that when you shoulder check--when you're sitting square in the seat-- obviously I'm looking into the camera so I'm not sitting square in the driver's seat.

When you're sitting square in the driver's seat and you're driving - when you do a shoulder check, you have to do two shoulder checks for every turn.

One approximately half a block from the turn and then one immediately before the turn. And you simply turn your head 90° degrees.

So if I'm shoulder checking to the left, the driver side of the vehicle, simply turn my head 90° degrees; if I'm checking to the right, to the passenger side of the vehicle, I simply turn my head 90° degrees and look. And it is a very quick head movement because it's the peripheral vision that is picking up light and movement.

And then if there's something there, then your central vision will be pulled into it by your peripheral vision.

So it's quick 90° degrees... 90° degrees. So what we're going to do - I'm going to start the car, hook up the cameras and go for a drive and I'll show you how to do it.


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Signal, mirror, shoulder check. As we're approximately half a block away from the stop sign.

Coming up, stopping in the correct position... where the two roads meet because there's no sidewalk, there's no stop line.

And shoulder checking left again just as we move.

Half a block signal, mirror, shoulder check. Immediately before the turn, shoulder check.

Checking the intersection. Signal, mirror, shoulder check on the way up to the STOP sign.

Again no sidewalk, no stop line. Stop where the two roads meet. Complete stop.

Shoulder check just before you proceed.

Bicycle... he's good. Left turn, shoulder check, mirror. Right before we go shoulder check.

On a road test, a driver must shoulder check twice when turning, merging, or moving the vehicle sideways.Turning left. Checking my mirrors. Signal, mirror, shoulder check. Stop at the STOP sign.

There's a stop line, so we're going to stop just as the front wheels come to the stop line.

I can't see the intersection, so I'm going to creep forward and treat it as a YIELD.

Now I can see, it's good. shoulder check, signal. Mirror, signal, shoulder check again.

At the STOP sign there's a stop line. I'm going to stop at the stop line, but not in the bicycle lane over to the right.

Shoulder check again. Four-way stop... everybody's stopped.

And approximately half a block from the intersection we're going to signal, mirror, and shoulder check.

Signal on... immediately before - shoulder check again. Scanning the intersection - there's nobody there.

Scanning the intersection again - there's nobody there. Signal, mirror, shoulder check.

And shoulder check immediately before pulling in.


So quick review: shoulder check is just 90° degrees.

Quick head movement 90° degree. If you're checking left, 90° degrees left; if you're checking right, 90° degrees right.

Shoulder check twice for every turn. Once half a block from the turn, and once immediately before the turn.

Make sure you shoulder check every time you do a lateral movement. I'm Rick with Smart Drive Test.

Thanks very much for watching. If you like what you see here, share, subscribe, leave a comment down in the comment section.

All of that helps us out. As well, if you're studying for a road test or learning how to drive, check out the videos below, check out the cards up in the right-hand corner there.

All of those will give you great information to be successful on your road test.

Thanks very much for watching.

Remember, pick the best answer, not necessarily the right answer. Have a great day. Bye now!

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