One of the keys to observation on a road test is shoulder checking.

Shoulder Checking | Passing a Road Test


Shoulder Checking - Critical for Observation

You must shoulder check on a road test. Every time you make a turn, you shoulder check.


You shoulder check approximately a half a block from where you're going to turn and then immediately before you turn you shoulder check again.

Shoulder Check for Lane MergestMerging

Anytime that you're going to merge lanes, you have to shoulder check. Any time that you move the vehicle laterally you have to shoulder check. So if you're in a parking lot, for example, and you're turning a corner or moving the vehicle sideways, you have to shoulder check. Shoulder checking is one of the fundamentals of observation for the purposes of a road test in a car and light truck, an ambulance, or a class four vehicle, which is less than 25 passengers or in a 15-passenger van, you have to shoulder check.


Two times for a turn - one half a block--approximately--from the turn. Immediately before the turn; merging; and anytime you move the vehicle sideways you have the shoulder check. If you like what you see here, subscribe, share leave a comment down in the comment section. If you're having any trouble with your shoulder checking drop us a note. We'll be more than happy to help you out with how to do that and I'll leave a more extensive video. And I'll leave a card up here for you on how to shoulder check for the purposes of a road test.