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Do you know the most prolific signs on our roadway; these signs are everywhere.

Pass a Driving Test - Object Markers

Object Marker Signs

In 1997 in Ontario, I took my school bus license. As part and parcel of taking your school bus license at the time you take a defensive driving course. I thought no big deal; I've been driving truck for five years - how hard can that be? Went down to Fanshawe College, the instructor strode into the class, retrieves a piece of chalk, scribbles on the blackboard: name the 4 signs that warn us of hazards and obstructions on the roadway? Like everybody else in the classroom, I was stumped. I didn't know the answer.

The signs that warn you of hazards & obstructions on the roadway are rectangular in shape. They have black hash marks on a yellow background and they are probably the most prolific signs on our roadways. This sign tells you to pass on the right. This sign tells you to pass on the left, and the one with the chevron tells you to pass on the left or the right. These signs are on the end of bridge abutments, traffic islands, signs, concrete barriers. Anything that you could potentially run into on our roadways, these signs tell you on which side to pass.


Weigh Scale Checklist

• Commercial Drivers are the only sector that have their own police force.

• There is an overwhelming amount of paperwork required at the weigh scale.

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Reading the Sign

As well, if you don't know which side of the hash mark to pass on, think of somebody pouring a kettle of water onto the hash mark and the side that the water runs off on is the side on which you pass. Warning signs warn you of hazards & obstructions and fixed objects on our roadways that you could potentially run into. They're prolific; they're almost everywhere. You will now see them everywhere.

The other sign that the instructor at Fanshawe College in 1997 considered hazards & obstructions signs were construction signs, but those are for another video.