YIELD Sign and How to Give Right-of-Way |Pass Road Test

Yield signs are most often found at slip lanes & roundabouts. Pass your road test first time - watch the video!!

YIELD Sign and How to Give the Right-of-Way to Pass Your Road Test



In this day and age it's unlikely that you're going to find the yield sign at an intersection. You might find them at some quiet residential intersections, but for the most part you're not going to find these at an intersection. We'll be right back to tell you where you're going to find the yield sign.

YIELD signs are most common on slip lanes and right hand turning lanes.

Quiet Residential Areas

In this day and age the yield sign is rarely found at intersections. You may find it in some quiet residential areas at intersections, but for the most part the yield sign is not found at intersections.


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Slip Lanes & Roundabouts

The most popular place to find the yield sign is at roundabouts and slip lanes or turning lanes as we call them in Canada and North America.

Because they're found at roundabouts and slip lanes, for the most part, drivers have to merge and you have to be slowing down as you're coming up to the yield sign - scanning well ahead and looking to see if in fact you might have to stop for other traffic. To yield the right-of-way to other traffic in the intersection or the road onto which you're going to merge.

Yield signs are most often found at slip lanes and roundabouts. These are also found on some on-ramps to freeways.

So be prepared for stop, slowing down, covering the brake, scanning well ahead and making sure that you don't have to come to a stop; to yield to other pedestrians, other vehicles on the roadway.

Private to Public Roads

The other place where there aren't yield signs, where they may have to yield is coming off a private road onto a public road. You have to yield to all other pedestrians and traffic on the roadway. Those are the places where you'll find the yield sign.


In conclusion, the two most popular places that you're going to find yield signs in this day and age is roundabouts, slip lanes or turning lanes. And for the most part when you're encountering a yield sign you're going to have to merge. The way to deal with it is scan well ahead, slowing down, being prepared to stop. But again know that you don't have to stop if the way is clear and you can proceed.

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