BEWARE--The left-turning traffic is controlled by the traffic light on the left. If the traffic light on the left is red and the other traffic light is green, left-turning traffic cannot turn. I once had a student fail his road test because he moved to turn left when the left-turning traffic light was red and the other traffic light was red.

Traffic light exclusively controlling left turning traffic.


STEP-BY-STEP Instructions for 3 Point Turn

You are stopped at the right side of the road

• Select Drive

• Check the left mirror, signal to the left and check over the left shoulder

• Release the brake, don't give the vehicle any gas and steer all the way rapidly to the left

• As you go over the centre line begin to straighten out the wheels

• Stop near the curb

• Select reverse and activate your right signal

• Do a safety scan, check for traffic and look over your right shoulder - release the brake when the way is clear and steer rapidly to the right

• When your reach the centre of the road, look over your left shoulder, straighten out the wheel and stop the vehicle near the curb (you are looking over your left shoulder because the rear left tire is the first to the curb - the rear tires are just behind the back seat)

• Select drive, signal left, do a safety scan (left, centre, right) to ensure it is clear to pull out and drive away

- Look into your intended path

- Accelerate

- Steer the vehicle



Driver's License Checklist

• A driving test is a high stress situation.

• Authorities demand a high level of skill, ability & knowledge.

• Be fully prepared with this checklist!!




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