Taking a road test? In a city, you will be required to lane merge - learn how here!

Lane Merging | Passing A Road Test


Another quick tip for road test smart - lane merging. You're going to have to demonstrate lane merging for the purposes of a road test on a multi-lane highway. And you know that it's going to be a multi-lane highway because traffic traveling in the same direction is divided by white lines & traffic traveling in opposing directions is divided by yellow lines.

Required Skill

So those are the two ways you know that you're on a multi-lane highway with lanes of traffic traveling in the same direction. For the purposes of a road test, you'll need to demonstrate that you can merge from one lane to the other - and signal, mirror, shoulder check.


Driver's License Checklist

• A driving test is a high stress situation.

• Authorities demand a high level of skill, ability & knowledge.

• Be fully prepared with this checklist!!



Signal, Mirror, Shoulder Check

Signal, mirror, shoulder check. Make sure the way is clear - three flashes on the signal. The first flash to get their attention, the second flash for the other traffic and road users to find your vehicle and locate you, and the third flash is for them to take some sort of action - whether they need to speed up or slow down to get past you or back up to give you some space so that you can merge over. So signal, mirror, shoulder check - three flashes... 1-2-3... mirror, shoulder check again and start to move over.

Accelerate Slightly

As you move over, you need to accelerate slightly because now you're increasing the distance because you're moving on a diagonal from one lane to another. And in order to maintain the same speed, you need to speed up ever so slightly. Move into the lane, leave your signal on until you're completely in the other lane. Don't just put three flashes and then turn it off. Leave your signal on until you're completely in that other lane and then you're done. So for the purposes of a road test, you're going to have to demonstrate that you know how to lane merge. Three flashes on the signal, accelerate slightly as you're moving across. Two shoulder checks: one before and another one immediately prior to beginning to lane merge.