How to Make an Emergency Stop to Pass Your Road Test

Learn step-by-step instructions to stop for an emergency vehicle - watch the video.

How to Make an Emergency Stop to Pass Your Road Test


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Hi there smart drivers. Rick with Smart Drive Test. Have you ever had this happen to you? [FIRE TRUCK APPROACHING WITH LIGHTS & SIRENS] [FIRE TRUCK APPROACHING WITH LIGHTS & SIRENS] Yes, emergency vehicles.

You have to get off to the shoulder of the road safely and back onto the road without incident. And in some jurisdictions this is required for your road test.

So today, we'll show you how to do that. Make an emergency stop. Pass your road test and get off and on the road safely.

For the purposes of a road test you MUST stop when an emergency vehicle with lights and siren approaches.

Stick around, we'll be right back with that information.



Hi there smart drivers. Welcome back. Rick with Smart Drive Test talking to you today about emergency stops.

A Requirement for Some Licensing Centres

This is a requirement for a road test in the province of Ontario, Canada and other jurisdictions. And essentially what they are getting you to simulate is an emergency vehicle approaching from the rear and you need to get off the road onto the shoulder of the road to allow that emergency vehicle to get past.

The Ontario Driver's Handbook lists step-by-step instructions on how to do a Roadside Stop.

Or some other traffic situation that develop and you need to get off to the shoulder of the road. Usually it's for emergency vehicles. So that's what we're going to show you today step-by-step.

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So, we're going to go for a drive. Hook up the cameras here and show you how to do this emergency manoeuvre of getting off the road quickly and safely so you don't get rear-ended by other vehicles.

Demonstration #1

[IN VEHICLE DRIVING] When the examiner gets you to do an emergency stop it's usually going to be in a residential area.

It's going to be some place that it's not too busy.

There's low traffic density and essentially what you'll be doing is driving along at the speed limit and the driving examiner will indicate,

"Okay, I want you to do an emergency stop."

Pulling Off the Road

You simply put your signal on to the right, shoulder check shoulder check again, and move over to the outside of the lane. Stop the vehicle.

When an emergency vehicle approaches, move over to the closes shoulder and stop until the emergency vehicle passes.

Put your 4-way flasher on. Apply the parking brake. Into a neutral gear. Wait for emergency vehicle to go by, or whatever other traffic condition caused you to do an emergency stop. The emergency vehicle goes by.

Leaving the Side of the Road

Cancel the 4-way flashers. Left signal on, into a forward gear, and release the parking brake. Shoulder check, mirror, shoulder check again and then we proceed. And up to highway speed. Whatever that may be. Here it's going to be 50kph (30mph).

Now I'm going to do a right at the STOP sign. Shoulder check. Shoulder check again.

And I'll do one more for you. just to show you how to do an emergency stop. [PROCEEDING AROUND THE ON THE RIGHT-HAND TURN]

2nd Demostration

And again, as I said, they're not going to get you to do this on a busy road for the purposes of a road test, but you may have to do it on a busy road, if there are emergency vehicles. So, the examiner will indicate to do an emergency stop.

Whenever you're parked along the side of the road, activate your 4-way flashers to indicate to other traffic that you are stopped.

Getting Off the Road

[YOU] Mirror, signal, shoulder check. Shoulder check again and make sure the way is clear. Looking forward. Shoulder checking. Stop. Into neutral with the transmission. Apply the parking brake. 4-way flashers on. The emergency vehicle goes past.

Moving Back Onto the Roadway

And the examiner says to proceed. Cancel your 4-way flashers. Left signal on. Shoulder check. There's a vehicle coming. I can see it in the mirror. The vehicle goes past. Shoulder check. again. Put it into a forward gear [DRIVER CHUCKLES BECAUSE HE FORGOT TO PUT THE VEHICLE IN GEAR] and we proceed.

And up to speed. And that is how you do an emergency stop for the purposes of a road test.


I'm Rick with Smart Drive Test. Thanks very much for watching. Good luck on your road test. And remember, pick the best answer not necessarily the right answer! Bye now.