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Hand Position—Steering Wheel | Passing a Road Test


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Steering wheel hand position for the purposes of a road test. You must keep both hands on the steering wheel at all times unless you're driving a manual transmission.

The only time you can take your hand off the steering wheel is when you need to shift.

So shift the gear, and then immediately put your hand back on the steering wheel. As a driving instructor - if I had that on a recording: "two hands on the steering wheel driver!"

Every time - two hands on the steering wheel for the purposes of a road test.

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Hand Position

10 & 2 or 9 and 3: either of those is acceptable. As well, current theory is that it's 8 and 4 - down here at the bottom.

Unfortunately on this steering wheel on my on my Honda CRV, it is not comfortable because the steering wheel is broken up here. And I'll take a picture of that and show it to you.

So that it's not comfortable down here. The reason for 8 and 4 is air bags. If the airbag deploys, it’s not going to injure your arms—your forearm.

So the reason—10 & 2—up here is perfectly acceptable.During a road test keep both hands on the outside of the steering wheel, unless you're shifting gears.


For turning corners... hand-over-hand - so bring your hand over and I'll do a demonstration - I'll show you how to do that.

You can do hand-to-hand, but in many circumstances it's just too slow. Hand-over-hand is much quicker and it's perfectly acceptable on a road test.

As well, when you come around a corner and you turn, you don't have to manipulate the steering wheel back. Simply open your hands, keep your palms in contact with the steering wheel - when the steering wheel stops coming back, simply close your fingers.

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