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Do not block an intersection on your road test; otherwise, it's could be an automatic fail. Watch the video!

DON'T Block the Intersection to Pass Your Road Test | Passing A Road Test Smart

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Hi there smart drivers. Rick with Smart Drive Test. Another quick tip for road test smart: DON'T block the intersection! This is a T-intersection here behind me. You can see the truck sitting in the intersection. If you're on a road test, don't block that intersection because you'll lose major demerits for blocking an intersection on a road test.


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• A driving test is a high stress situation.

• Authorities demand a high level of skill, ability & knowledge.

• Be fully prepared with this checklist!!



If you're on a road test and don't think you can clear the intersection because there's traffic backed up on the other side of the intersection, stop in the correct stopping position - often before the stop line because you're often going to be on a major road. If there's congestion that's going to prevent you from clearing the intersection. So stop before the stop line, wait for the traffic to move forward--when the traffic moves forward, then proceed through the intersection. One of the places that you're most likely going to get stuck is if you're behind a city transit bus. Often times the bus stop is on the other side of the intersection‚--immediately on the other side of the intersection‚--so make sure that you have a look and make sure the bus isn't going to stop there. Or that you're back far enough that you can drive around that bus and look for an opening. So if you're behind the bus, get ready to move over to the left lane to get around the bus because they'll get you trapped there and you don't want to get trapped in the intersection behind the bus. So for the purposes of a road test, don't block intersections. If you're unsure, this one here is kind of a tricky one because it's a T-intersection into a main road. If you're unsure go to a driving school get a driving instructor to do a mock test and show you where the route is and show you some of the difficult intersections that you might encounter. I'm Rick with Smart Drive Test. Thanks very much for watching. Good luck on your road test. And remember, pick the best answer not necessarily the right answer. Have a great day. Bye now.