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Learn 5 tips and tricks to memorize your Class A CDL Pre Trip Inspection.

Strategies and techniques to memorize the CDL Pre-Trip Inspection

Pass your CDL pre-trip inspection on TEST DAY - watch the video.

Complete Class A Inspection done by Licensed Instructor!

Work pre-trip inspections are different than the one you learned in truck driving school.As a professional CDL driver, there are absolutes that you must check once or several times a day - no matter how much of a rush you're in.


Learn the basics of the CDL pre-trip inspection here!

A work pre-trip & a pre-trip inspection for the purposes of a road test are different.

Pre-trip inspections must be completed more often than every 24 hours.

MVI (Motor Vehicle Inspection) decals must be checked as part of the CDL pre trip inspection to ensure these are valid.

 "Tips for Avoiding Tire Violations" is the handout (2016) International Roadcheck. See it interpreted here!

For the purposes of the CDL pre-trip inspection, tires are a major component. Learn how to inspect these.

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