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Welcome to the Smarter Driver Podcast


I’m your host, Dr. Rick August. Here, we’re going to get you on the road to being a safer, smarter driver.

And no…my degree’s not in driving. My degree in fact, is in legal history, which many of you know is the study of policing, courts and prisons. My expertise is in policing as it relates to traffic. Here we’re going to look at the fundamental conflict of traffic which is: Collisions vs. Congestion And we’re going to look at the arena of social driving. The challenges you face as a driver, the challenges you face when getting a license, or starting a career as a truck or bus driver.

The car’s all gassed up, we’re ready to go. Let’s get started.

With the smarter driver podcast we provide the stepping stones towards your success in driving. We empower you to achieve your goals and aspirations as they relate to getting your first license, becoming a safer, smarter driver, or starting a career as a truck or bus driver. If you’re just starting out and working towards getting your first license, be sure to check out the smarter driver course package down in the description. Guaranteed to pass first time. As well, if there’s something about driving that really irks you, and you’d like to get it off your chest, please leave a comment.

I’m your host, Dr. Rick August. Thanks very much for listening in and participating!

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