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Learn tips & strategies to pass your driver's test first time - both your learner's permit and on-road test.

No matter at what stage of your learning, these tips, strategies and skills will ensure you pass first time.

Learn your job, the driving examiner's job, and what are the best practices for test day?

You must take away the driving examiner's right to fail you...nothing less, nothing more.


Whether it feels like or not, every one is entered into a Graduated Driver's License program.

Learner's Permit

For the Graduated Driver's license, you will hold your learner's permit for a required time.

In most places that varies from 180 days to a full year before you are eligible to take your on-road test.

Probationary Driver's License

After you pass your on-road test, you will be a probationary stage of your license

For some places, you have to simply hold your probationary license for a period of time and then it rolls over to a full license.

In other places, you need to take another on-road driver's test to earn your full license.

Check your state's driver's handbook and website for the specific details.

Knowledge Test to Earn Learner's Permit

There is a knowledge test of 50 multiple choice questions.

You must get 40 of the 50 questions correct to pass the theory test.

These questions cover everything in Driver's Handbook.

However, do NOT read the driver's handbook cover-to-cover.

That is of course unless you're suffering from insomnia.

See these tips and strategies to study for your learner's permit test.

Practice As Much as Possible

Most students wait until the immediate days and weeks before their on-road driver's test before starting to practice.

Many pass, but this isn't your best strategy.

In the time that you have your learner's permit take every opportunity you can to drive.

Get in as many different vehicles, with as many different people as you can.

If your Mom's going to the the story to grab a jug of milk, drive to the shop.

These short practice sessions will make you a better driver and reduce your chances of crashing.

Road Test Components

Social Driving

Social driving is based on the premise that “I’m a good driver.”

Unfortunately, in the arena of social driving too many drivers fail to manage space well.

Consequently, their driving actions are reactionary.

In other words, they hope on a “wing & a prayer” that they’re going to get their vehicle stopped in time if the other driver does something goofy.

Manage space--especially in front of your vehicle--and you WON'T be a reactionary driver.

For many, driving too is retaliatory.

If another driver tailgates, for example, the driver being tailgated will slow down 10mph to get back at the other driver.

This action tells the other driver that s/he did something wrong.

Manage space well around your vehicle—especially in front—and you’ll be a safer, smarter driver.

Space Management

If you're not near anything, it's less likely that you're going to hit something.

Maintain a 3-4 second following distance behind other traffic.

Stop in traffic so that you can see the tires of the vehicle in front making clear contact with the pavement.

Speed Management

For the purposes of your driving test, you will drive the posted speed limit or the flow of traffic - whichever is less.


For your driving test, you must have a forward scanning pattern that includes far down the road, centre mirror, instrument panel and wing mirrors.

For reversing, you must look out the back window.

You can check your mirrors and backup cameras, but your main line of sight must be out the rear window.

Every time you change direction of the vehicle you must shoulder check and signal.


• The position of the vehicle communicates intent.

• Lights and signals.

• Horn - use it sparingly because it's seen as a sign of aggression.

• Eye Contact.

• Hand Gestures.

Learn to Drive Faster...

And no...NOT going 100mph

Slow-speed maneuvers are 1/8th of the road test, but are the small portion that give new drivers the most grief.

If you can park well and do the other maneuvers required for a driver's test, you will learn to drive faster.

And the ability to do these slow-speed maneuvers will improve your overall driving.

Practice the following every session:

• Parallel Park

• Reverse Stall Parking

• 3-Point Turn

• 2-Point Reverse Turn

Road Test Skills

• Holding the Vehicle in the lane

• Observing & Shoulder Checking

• Responding to changing driving conditions

• When in doubt “STOP”

• Emergency Vehicles & other unexpected events

• 2 hands on steering wheel for the duration of the test

• Stopping in Line of Traffic

• Stopping at correct position - controlled intersections

• Yellow Traffic lights

• Controlled & Uncontrolled Intersection

The Right-of-Way is always given, it is never taken!

Driving Lessons

Whole class

You can book 10 sessions when booking or taking driving lessons.

Individual lessons

You can take one or two driving lessons.

The prices will vary, but most driving lessons now--including instructor and car--are approximately $100/hour.

Mock Road Test

You can take a 90 minute lesson that will determine your readiness for the driver's test.

If you're NOT taking driving lessons, a mock driver's test with a driving instructor is recommended.

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly of Road Tests

Some times drivers that should pass the driver's test fail, and drivers that should fail the driver's test pass the test.

If you fail the driver's test, simply take it again after you've practiced the skills and abilities that the examiner told you needed work.

Take some time and be mad about failing, but set a time limit.

When that time's up, get back to work and pass your driver's test with these tips & strategies.

Practice Road Test

Practice in and around the test center where you will be taking your test.

You can't go into the test center during business hours, but you can go in and practice your parking when the office is closed - nights and weekends.

Practice your driving at the time you will be taking your test.

If you're taking your test on Thursday at 10am, practice in and around the test center during the weekdays at 10am in the morning.


If you're working toward your first license, check out the smarter driver course package.

Guaranteed to pass your driver's test first time.


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