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Learn tips & strategies to drive safely and comfortably on long holiday trips.

Traveling for the 4th of July, Memorial Day or Thanksgiving or summer holidays?

These tips and strategies will help you to both be comfortable and in control for the long drive.

Are you Travelling for the Holidays?

Learn defensive driving strategies that will keep you safe.

Know what to do in the event that your vehicle breaks down on the trips.

Have your vehicle checked over before heading out?

Get someone that knows something about vehicles if you don't feel competent.

Check all the fluid levels in the engine compartment.

Ensure that your tires have adequate tread.

Check the windshield wipers if you’ve been ignoring those.

If you’re not sure, get a qualified automotive technician to check over your vehicle to prevent breakdowns.

 Learn strategies and skills to safely navigate long road trips where you may or may not know where you're going.

An investment in roadside assistance is recommended if you're not handy and can't change a tire.

Pack prescription medications, games for the children and a charging cable for your phone.

Have food and drinks accessible in the vehicle.

And implement a rule, that when you get out of the car to use the restrooms or whatnot, take the garbage with you so it’s not cluttering up the vehicle.

Assign jobs.

The adult in the passenger seat can navigate, and the children can help look for landmarks.

Have pillows and blankets in the car for those that want to sleep.

Take off bulky coats and sweaters to be comfortable when driving.

Use Cruise Control and other Technologies

Use cruise control to reduce distractions.

And listen to audiobooks or podcasts to keep your mind active when driving.

Route Planning and Navigation

Spend some time with Maps if you don’t know where you’re going.

Plan breaks and stop every couple of hours to get out of the vehicle and stretch your legs.

Rest areas along the interstate are great for breaks.

Avoid large heavy meals at restaurants.

Eat smaller meals more often to prevent feeling lethargic.

Budget this time into the time for the trip.

And if you’re tired, stop and get some sleep.

It’s the only cure for fatigue.

Never, ever pull off the side of the road for anything but an emergency.

Always get off the freeway and onto a side street or into a parking lot to keep you and your family safe.

If you're unlucky enough to be pulled over by police, stop as soon as you can safely; don't get out of the car; don't reach for anything; and keep your hands in sight.

Answer the officer's questions and be pleasant.

Also, we'll give you information about passing your driver's license, and being a safer, smarter driver.

If you're working toward your first license, check out the smarter driver course package.

Guaranteed to pass your driver's test first time.


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