Number One Reason for Failing Your Driver's Test

Drivers fail a road test because they don't know what skills, abilities and techniques they have to know - watch the video.

The Number One Reason for Failing Your Driver's Test


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For both passenger and CDL vehicles, the number one reason that drivers fail a road test is because they don't know what's on the test.


Most drivers that already have their license participate in social driving.

Most drivers that have their license are participating in social driving and would fail a road test.

Social driving is keeping up with the traffic flow, which is often faster than the posted speed limit.

Not stopping completely at STOP signs, and driving over painted islands are also traits of social driving.


To pass a road test you must shoulder check, maintain the posted speed limit, and signal every time you turn or move the vehicle sideways.

Also, you need to know what manoeuvres are required. Do you parallel park on the road behind a car, or do you parallel park using cones in a parking lot?

For your road test, do you parallel park with cones, or do you parallel park on the road behind another vehicle?


Local driving schools teach students how to pass a road test every day.

If you're not taking driving lessons, book a practice driving test with a local driving school to learn where the test route is, what is expected of you, and any weaknesses in your driving skills, techniques, and abilities.


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- The number one reason that people fail road tests, they don't know what's on the test! (chuckles) Stick around to the end of the video.

We'll tell you how to find out exactly what is on the road test for the test center where you're going to be taking yours.

(upbeat music) Hi there smart drivers, my name's Rick.

Rick August, PhD has been a licensed driving instructor for more than 20 years. He can help you pass your road test.

I'm a licensed driving instructor.

I've been teaching people how to pass road tests for more than 20 years and I can teach you how to pass your road test as well.

Know What's On The Driving Test

Passing a road test and knowing what's on your road test.

Depending on where you are in the world, there's going to be different requirements.

If you're in the Province of Ontario here in Canada, you're going to have to do an emergency stop for the purposes of your road test.

In Ohio, in the state of Ohio in the United States, the maneuverability test and in California, the state of California, you're going to have to back along a curve for about 10 car lengths.

Know that.

When reversing for a road test, you must be looking out the rear window. You can't use a backup camera.

Know whether your test center requires you to parallel park with cones or parallel park behind a vehicle.

Know whether the parallel parking is in a closed circuit in and around the test center or it's out on the roadway.

You can figure all of this out before you show up for your road tests.

Know that you have to shoulder check for left hand turns.

Know that you have to get over to the right immediately without the examiner telling you.

You have to stop at the correct position at controlled intersections.

All of these are requirements for you to be successful on a road test.

On a road test, you MUST stop at the correct stopping position at controlled intersections: before STOP line; before crosswalk lines or sidewalk; at the edge where two roads meet.

Social Driving and Other Drivers Who Have Their License Are a Bad, B—A—D Example

Do not watch other people drive who have their license and think that is going to be enough for you to pass your road test.

They are involved in social driving.

Driving over painted islands, not coming to a complete stop at stop signs and keeping up with the traffic flow are all characteristics of social driving.

So that is not going to help you pass a road test.

Know that driving after you get your license and driving to pass a road test are VERY, VERY different exercises. You can't copy other's driving and expect to pass your road test.

Hire a Local Driving Instructor To Know Exactly What's On Your Driving Test

Now, how do you figure out what's on the test, all of the details and nuances for the road test at the test center where you're going to go? Hire a local driving instructor.

Driving instructors teach people how to pass a road test every day.

And they will take you on the test routes, they'll show you exactly where all the maneuvers are done, and they'll show you what is required for you to be successful and they'll also identify for you the weaknesses in your skills, abilities and techniques so that you can be successful on a road test.

If you're not taking driving lessons, hire a local driving instructor to learn exactly what's on your driving test.

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