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Learn the secret to pass the Ohio Maneuverability Test.

Ohio Maneuverability Driving Test Tips & Tricks 2023


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- Hi there, Smart Driver.

Talking to you today about the Ohio Maneuverability Test, step-by-step instructions.

This is an awesome exercise for new drivers and those learning to drive, not just for those in Ohio.

The examiner will tell you to go either right or left of the nose cone for the Ohio manoeuvrability test.

Stick around, we'll be right back with that information.

Welcome back.

The Ohio Maneuverability Test, for those of you there in the state of Ohio, if you fail this portion of your driver's test, the part that sucks is that you've got to take an online course before you can come back and try it again.

So make sure that you practice this and are able to do it well.

You practice this a few times, spend two or three hours doing this, getting the cones.

It's going to be easy and you're going to nail this.

First time doing your driver's test and you're going to be successful.

The cone configuration is the same for every driver's test in the state of Ohio.

Where Are the Cones

Four cones, a nose cone.

The two cones are 20 feet apart and the nose cone is out another 20 feet, and the cones are nine feet apart.

So if you're taking a bigger vehicle, this is going to be a bit tougher.

You're going to want to take it in a mid-sized car.

Small Details That Will Guarantee You Pass

The next thing I want you to do is put a piece of tape on the top of your steering wheel, so you can keep track of where your steering wheel is, and you can see here in the dash cam that the truck is here, and will show you where the center of the hood is.

When learning to drive, put a piece of tape at the top of your steering wheel to know where your steer tires are at a glance.

First thing you want to do, obviously, put your seatbelt on, make sure that every time you change direction when you're doing your slow-speed maneuvers for the purposes of your driver's test, especially in this day of COVID, that you signal forward and reverse.

Anytime you change direction of the vehicle.

So parking brake off, make sure you apply the parking brake as well for the purposes of your driver's test, every time you stop the vehicle and are going to leave, secure with the parking brake.

So the other piece that I learned from Smart Drivers recently is that when you come up to the nose cone, you've got to stop, so the rear of the vehicle is in line with the nose cone.

When you back out of the cones, you have to stop, so the front of the vehicle is in line with the back cones.

So let's do this.

So we get lined up, centered up through the cones here, we move forward, and basically all you want to do once you get to the front cones here is when they're at the mirrors.

And remember, the mirrors are the farthest part of your vehicle, they're the widest part, okay?

Then we signal to the left, we're going to go left, and we turn the steering wheel approximately one revolution until that cone is right in the front corner, then we turn it back and we straighten the vehicle out and we come forward and we watch this cone here.

Activate the turn signal in the direction you're moving the vehicle - both going forward and in reverse.

We can see just in the back corner there, and we're in line with the back column.

Then we come to a stop, into reverse, okay?

We're watching, we're going straight back, we got our piece of tape at the top of our steering wheel.

We come back until the cone is about halfway down the vehicle.

We turn the steering wheel one revolution.

We're looking in that mirror, we can see that cone, we can see this cone.

We bring the steering wheel back to straight, and we go back until the nose cone is at the front of the vehicle.

Now we bring the steering wheel to the left a little bit, we're looking in our mirrors, we're looking back.

If your vehicle is fitted with a backup camera, use it as you would your mirrors, but NOT as your primary line of sight.

You Can Use Your Backup Camera

Check your backup camera, if you have one, okay?

Straighten your wheel out.

Remember, the wing mirrors are the farthest, the widest part of the vehicle, okay?

Again, checking back.

We're in line, straight back.

When we back up, and remember, we have to stop the front of the car in line with these cones.

So as soon as it comes past the eighth pillar here, the post, as I call it, we just stop right there and we're in line with the cones.

We're going to go up and do it one more time, and we're going to go to the right of the pylons this time.

Reversing for the Ohio Manoeuvrability Test is the most challenging. Stay tight to the driver's side and the other side will look after itself.

So now we back up again, looking out at the back, checking our backup camera.

And again, we get centered.

Okay, forward, if you're parked, you put the parking brake off, centering the cones, moving forward.

Straight, keeping our wheels straight, wing mirrors, we're at the wing mirrors with the post, signal to the right.

One revolution of the steering wheel.

When the nose cone is right there in the front corner, okay, we turn back.

Okay, we're right here.

The cone is about halfway down the vehicle.

Straighten the wheel out, and we can move up right there.

Touching a cone on the ohio manoeuvrability test is an automatic fail on your driver's test.

And we're in line with the back cone.

Signal to the left, 'cause we're going to go to the left, into reverse, looking back over our shoulder.

We bring the cone halfway down the vehicle, halfway down the vehicle, one revolution to the left, and we're looking in our mirrors, we're looking back.

I can see the post here, or the cone here.

I can see it there, I see it back there.

I bring my steering wheel back to straight, okay?

Tape at the top, right there.

I can see that cone, that cone in both mirrors.

Okay, I bring my vehicle.

I turn the steering wheel approximately one revolution.

Spend a considerable amount of time practicing the Ohio manoeuvrability test and you will become a safer, smarter driver overall.

Right there.

I look forward, I can see that I'm straight, and now I straightened my wheel out.

I bring my tape back to the top.

I can see the back cone in the mirrors.

I've gone past nice and slow.

You don't want to rush this, 'cause the slower you go, the sharper the vehicle turns, and the more time you have to adjust the vehicle in between the cones.

And again, we're backing up, we're backing up, we look out here, okay?

We're just past, I can see the cone past the eight pillar here, and I just come down and I stop, so it's in line with the bumper.

And that's all there is to doing the Ohio Maneuverability Test.

When practicing the Ohio manoeuvrability test, hitting a cone is not a bad thing.

Practice this.

For those of you in the Buckeye, you need to have this, you need to nail this, otherwise you've got to do that stupid online course, and that's a real pain in the bunchkin, okay?

Talking about your butt.

Do these practices, it's really easy.

And for those of you in other places in the world, other states in the US and provinces in Canada, it's an excellent exercise for teaching you where your vehicle is in relation to other road users and other fixed objects, and mastery of the primary controls.

For another video, click here.

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And remember, pick the best answer, not necessarily the right answer.

Have a great day, bye now.


- [Girl] Yeah, I know what it is.

- Just a minute, I'm not done yet.

Hitting a cone when practicing the Ohio manoeuvrability test is part of the learning.

- [Girl] Wait, you should say in this-

- Stop.

- [Scout August] No, daddy, this is the important part in this study of your video.

You should say also that people should learn this, if they think that they want to visit Ohio.

- It's only for the driver's test there, honey.

It's not for visiting there, okay?

- Dad-

- So everybody, wait, let me finish.

- No!

- You got to get up here, you got to come up between the seats.

- I've got a better one, how about you hit a cone? You hit a cone, like you're driving, then you hit a cone, and you're like, "Oops, I hit a cone."

- [Rick] Okay, so you got to come up about here, honey.

Right there.

- [Bhyrn August] Why can't we just do it hitting a cone? Why can't we just do the other one?

- [Scout August] It's nice to be talking, daddy, you have to talk.

- Hitting a cone is funnier though.

Shouldn't we do that one?

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