Learn the Secret To Backing Up Straight Along The Curb

Learn the secret to passing your driver's test in the state of California and Oregon.

Learn the Secret To Backing Up Straight Along The Curb


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- State of California.

No, you don't have to parallel park, you just have to do something tougher.

Today we're going to give you three easy steps to back along a curb for approximately 50 feet.

Stick around we'll be right back with that information.

Hitting the cones is not a bad thing. It teaches you where your vehicle is in relation to other objects on the road.

Hi there my driver welcome back, Rick August Smart Drive Test talking to you today about three easy steps to back successfully along the curve for approximately 50 feet there in the state of California to pass your driver's test.

The first and most prominent mistake that smart drivers make is they're too close to the curb and they don't have room to maneuver the vehicle and they get jammed up against the curb and consequently are unsuccessful.

First, Work With the Pylons in the Parkiing Lot

So the first thing you need to do is you need to go and get those 36 inch one meter tall pylons, and work on driving along those on the passenger side of the vehicle because the passenger side is the second biggest blind area on the vehicle next to that out the back.

And it's a real kind of feel and learning thing.

You have to sit in the driver's seat and if you get those tall pylons, you can actually see them as you're driving forward and reversing along them.

The next step is to move to the smaller which is hat cones, because you won't be able to see them but you will know when you run over them.

A back lane or alley works well to learn how to reverse in a straight line.

Once you practice that, then you're ready to go out and back along the edge of a road.

Second, Practice Backing Along the Edge of a Road with NO Curb

If you back along the edge of the road you'll be able to feel when you get off the edge of the pavement because it's going to be a bit spongy.

Once you can feel the difference between being on the pavement and being in the dirt backing along the edge of a road and then your ready to practice backing along a curb for approximately 50 feet to be successful in passing your driver's test there in the state of California.

After you're comfortable backing up with the pylons in the parking lot, go out and find yourself a road that doesn't have a curb and just practice backing up along the edge of the pavement.

Before you start, you know, risking banging your tires and rims into the curb and really annoying your parents.

Anytime that you back up along a roadway, make sure that you activate your four way flashers to indicate to other traffic that you were doing something predictable and you can stay safe.

If other vehicles come along behind you, just simply stop.

Backing along the passenger's side is challenging because it's your second biggest blind area.

Let them go around you and then continue practicing you're backing up along the edge of the roadway.

Third, Backing Along a Road With a Curb

Into reverse parking brake off, four way flashers on.

Also with your practice in the parking lot you've probably figured out that it's easier to use the passenger vehicle mirror because you can't see out the back.

If you do have a backup camera, check that but you can't use it as your primary line of sight.

Check your mirrors before you start backing up 360° degree scan around your vehicle.

Make sure there aren't any other road users, nobody there and we start backing up.

And again we want to stay out a little bit.

So we have some wiggle room and staying three feet away from the edge of the roadway and just backing up, getting back over there, adjusting.

We're just going to back up all the way into the lane way here.

When reversing you can check your mirrors and backup camera, but be sure that you're looking out the back window most of the time.

I've got my foot on the brake here a little bit because I'm heading downhill and I can feel the car when it gets off in the gravel there and it can start banging around a little bit.

It's not like it's on the edge of the bitumen, and it's just that simple.

Come to a complete stop, vehicle into park or forward gear, parking brake on, four way flashers off.

And that's all there is to it.

Examiners indicated that you're going to pull along the curb.

So mirror signal shoulder check pull over to the curb but not too close.

Stay two to three feet out that way you have some room to maneuver.

Bring the vehicle to a stop, activate your four way flashers into reverse looking out the back 360° degree scan.

There isn't anybody around you and simply reversing and looking, checking your backup camera, mirrors.

By starting with the pylons and backing along a road without a curb you'll prevent backing over the curb.

And reversing along the curve and again don't get too close and we back up and the examiners indicated that we're done.

So we bring the vehicle to a stop.

Hold the foot brake, turn off your four way flashers into drive forward gear if you're driving a manual transmission signal line, mirror signal shoulder check 360° degree scan and we proceed shoulder checking again before we leave.

Smart points to remember, work with the tall and short pylons in the parking lot then move to a roadway that doesn't have a curb but rather just the shoulder.

And then finally work along the curb and practice your backing up.

A road like this is perfect to practice your backing in a straight line.

I'll put the curb parking video up in the corner here and give you some other tips and strategies for backing up along the curb, but most important stay out two to three feet.

That way you have wiggle room when you're backing up to maneuver your vehicle so you don't get jammed up against the curb.

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Have a great day.

Bye now.

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