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Learn how to pass your driving test in New York City.


- So we're going to do a mock road in New York City test with Sam.

- Yes.

- Who's a driving instructor in the Bronx - a borough of New York City.

Big Mac Sam is a driving instructor in New York City teaching in the Bronx.

- [Sam] Mhm.

- [Rick] Very exciting. See whether I passed or not, right?

- [Sam] Yeah, let's see, let's see how you do.

- Drive in the big city. Alright. So we're going, go straight unless told to turn, right?

- [Sam] Yes. Mhm. Go straight unless you're told to turn. Alright, let's go ahead and make a left here. Alrighty. We're going to go straight down or straight up, however you see it.

- [Rick] This is so exciting [taking a mock driving test in New York City.]

Big Mac Sam's YouTube Channel in Bronx, NY

- Yeah. What's up guys? Big Mac Sam here.

- [Rick] Yeah, check out Big Mac Sam's channel.

- Yep, look at my, check out my channel guys. Big Mac Sam.

- The other thing about driving in the city, there's a lot more pedestrians and speed bumps.

Double parking is a traffic situation you'll have to deal with when driving in New York City.

- [Sam] Yeah, yeah. Alright.

- [Rick] And police and emergency vehicles.

- [Sam] Yes, yes.

- I think last night I saw more emergency vehicles in an hour...

- [Sam] Wow, wow.

- [Rick] than I have two years.

- [Sam] Mhm.

- 'Cause last night I stayed in Brooklyn.

- Okay. Wow.

- [Rick] Lots of emergency vehicles.

Emergency vehicles are another aspect of traffic that you will face in New York City.

- We're going to go straight.

Double Parking is Part of the New York City Driving Culture

- And double parking is a thing here.

- Oh yeah. Big time.

- [Rick] Yeah.

- Big time. And I hate it sometimes. 'Cause when I'm on a two lane road sometimes, and I'm on the right lane, I'm going straight, I see double parked cars, you know, I look like, 15 seconds ahead of me, and then I just have to move over.

- Yeah and buses parked here and vehicles coming at you.

You have to slow down and give way.

Double parked car and other vehicles in your lane is another traffic situation you'll deal with on your test.

- [Sam] Mhm.

- And this is very much about, you know, what we say, all the time.

- Let's make a left.

- [Rick] You can be right. Or you could be dead right?

- [Sam] Exactly.

- [Rick] You might have the right of way but.

- [Sam] Yeah.

- And you know, driving in the city, we do, and I talked about this before.

Defensive driving is a combination of deliberate driving and knowing when to give the right of way.

- Yes, yes.

- Sometimes you got to be a little aggressive, but at other times you got to give it up too.

Not All New York City Driving Examiners are the Same

- Yeah. Some examiners, they're very, very quiet. They're just telling you what to do. Some of them are conversationalists. They will have a conversation with you.

- Yeah and that's an excellent point. And what's your feeling, Sam, about engaging in conversation with the examiner?

- [Sam] Don't, I always tell students, don't do it unless they start a conversation with you.

- Yeah.

Only engage in conversation with the driving examiner if she initiates the conversation.

- Because some of them, you know, they, I remember one time there was a student trying to have a conversation with an examiner.

Examiner said, "Focus on the road," and left it at that. Let's make a left turn.

- [Rick] I was going to go straight but,

- [Sam] Make a left turn.

- as you can see here, you can't go straight.

- Yup, yeah, yeah. Exactly. Exactly.

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- And at the traffic light, we're going to make a right turn.

There are many distractions in a large city. Cars on jack stands along the road are just one of those distractions.

- You have a lot of, four way stops here, all-ways stops.

- Yes, mhm. Yes we do.

- [Rick] Pedestrian, I was covering the brake there.

- [Sam] Yeah, Yep. Always want to cover your brakes. And look at this guy.

- [Sam] My goodness.

- And this is where you got to change lanes.

- You've got to signal.

If your lane is blocked you have to change lanes across double solid yellow lines.

- [Sam] Yes, yes.

- [Rick] Shoulder check, over -

Going Over Double Solid Lines

You Must Go Over Double Solid Lines to Move Around Double Parked Cars

- [Sam] And it's okay to go over the solid lines when you see,

- [Rick] Doubles.

- [Sam] Goes like this, yeah. Let's make a right.

Can't Turn Right on a Red Light in NYC

(Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens)

- [Rick] Doing auto body work, you fixing the car.

- Whoop. Yeah.

You can't turn right on a red light in New York City in the five boroughs.

- Yeah, no that would've got points, right?

- [Sam] Yeah, yeah.

- Because, if it's yellow and I was going to move out

- Yeah, you cannot, you just got to

- [Rick] And then it turned red, so I lost points there.

- [Sam] Yeah.

- [Rick] Oh no.

- Probably points or probably would've failed you actually. Some of these, some of these examiners, they can be a little too strict and some of them they'll let it go, you know. It depends who you have.

- There we go. Failed my driving test in New York City.

When practicing for your driver's test practice in and around the test center where you're going to be taking your test.

- Yeah.

- [Sam] You sure have.

- [Rick] Oh my God. That's so bad.

- [Sam] Yup.

- That is so bad.

- Alright, we're going to go straight down. This is the area that I was taking a lot of my students.

Yeah. And we're going to go straight down until you can't anymore.

And we'll make a right turn.

Speed limit in New York City and its boroughs is 25mph.

City Speed Limit is 25mph in New York City

(25mph in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and Staten Island)

- [Rick] And I'm also speeding.

- [Sam] Yes, you are.

- 'Cause it's 25, I just saw the sign.

- Yup, yup.

- I'm a terrible driver. I'm a terrible student.

- Hey when you have your driver's license, you do what you want. I mean, it happens sometimes. We're not thinking about it. Yeah, we'll make this right turn. What is this car doing?

- [Rick] Yeah, here you got to be kind of cautious. Not really sure what they're doing.

- Yeah.

- But, sneak up here.

At intersections with parked cars, stop at the correct stopping position and then creep up to where you want to stop.

- [Sam] Well, well, well. And of course, look at what the arrow says. We cannot make a left turn, just keep going.

- And that's the other thing about here, in the Bronx and in New York City, is you get these really narrow streets.

- [Sam] Yeah, yeah.

- Really narrow streets.

- Let's make a left turn.

- And you know, going back to that traffic light, that's the other thing, is that sometimes, and I say this, you know, students that are totally prepared for their driving test.

- Yeah.

- Something like that in the traffic environment happens,

Disobeying a regulatory sign is an automatic fail on a driver's test. Do NOT Enter signs are regulatory signs.

- [Sam] Let's make a right, mhm.

- [Rick] And you fail your driver's test.

- [Sam] Yeah.

- And it's not because, you really, you know, it's just one of those things where it sucks.

- [Sam] Yeah.

- You know, bad drivers can pass a driver's test because everything goes right.

- [Sam] Yeah, at that time, yeah.

Parallel parking is a required maneuver in the state of New York.

- [Rick] And there's no surprises.

- [Sam] Yeah.

- But then you get surprised and something happens and you react incorrectly.

- [Sam] Exactly.

- And you fail your driver's test because the examiner, they don't, allow discretion in those types of things, so.

Parallel Parking in New York City

(Can't turn right in Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens & Staten Island)

- [Sam] Did you want to do a parallel parking?

- That'll be fun.

- You want to do it?

- Sure, let's do it.

- All right, let's go around the block. I found that nice spot over there. Sometimes even us experienced drivers will do a little trial and error, especially when it's a tight, tight spot. You know, we're just, going at it back and forth, back and forth.

Big Mac Sam checking to see how far Rick August, PhD is from the curb after parallel parking.

- [Rick] Yeah. It's 25. Didn't get me this time.

- [Sam] Yup, no.

- [Rick] I got 25 this time.

- Yep. And let's make a right turn.

- And the, you know, the other thing about the 25 is, is it, you know, and this is the thing I say to students when they're preparing for a driver's test.

You got to practice in and around the test center.

- You want to turn right here? Parallel parking. Let's see how Rick does, guys.

Parallel parked directly behind the vehicle in front during a driver's test in New York City.

- [Rick] Right into reverse. Yup.

- [Sam] There you go.

- I can tell you right now. I'm a little far from the curb.

- That's alright.

Sometimes examiners will give you two tries.

Some of them will give you three tries. Alright.

Let's see how you did. Some, of them will open the door to check, some of them don't.

- [Rick] Yeah.

- I've seen it. Yeah. It's not too bad. I say, it's about 12 inches. You could be a little bit over 12 inches. I think I'll give you five points for that. Not 15, unable to park properly.

Interpretation of what could have been corrected on the parallel park during the driver's test in New York City.

- Yup.

- Excessive space for parking too far, probably five points.

- So five points?

- [Sam] Yeah, five points.

- And what happened was, I can tell ya exactly what I did wrong. My 45° degree angle was off.

Take a Couple of Points if you Mess Up Your Parallel Parking

Don't Try and Fix It & Make it Worse

- [Sam] Okay.

- I should have been a little bit more of an angle when I came in.

There are many variables that you'll have to practice for your driving test in the city of New York.

- Yeah.

- I turned in too soon.

- And some people do 45°. I do 30°. I tell my students, 30° degree. I don't know if you saw my video on parallel parking. Everyone teaches parallel parking different.

- Yeah.

- Everyone has a different technique to park. I always tell students, even at the end of my video, I said it, you know, it's so many variables in parking, so.

- Oh my God. Yes.

- Yes, yup.

- So many variables.

Road signs and road markings dovetail to give you driving information to be successful on passing your driver's test in New York City.

Hang on there, one sec. The thought of failing your driver's test is what keeps you up at night right now. Click the link over here. Check out the Smarter Driver Course Package that guarantees that you will pass your driver's test, first time. Click the link and check that out, and have a great day. All the best, bye now.

Instructor Takes New York City Driving Test...FAIL


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