How to Use Hand Signals For a Driver's License Test

You may be quizzed on hand signals during your test.

Hand Signals | Passing a Road Test


In the video, I'm doing the hand signals in mirror image.

Know your hand signs for the purposes of a road test.

Particularly in a car, light truck, or motorcycle - mostly on a motorcycle, they really like quizzing you on your hand signals for a motorcycle.

Driving hand signal indicating that the vehicle is going to turn left

  1. right turn,
  2. left turn,
  3. slowing or stopping are the three hand signals.

This one's to the right, so think of this as pointing to the other side of the vehicle.

Straight out is left, down is slowing or stopping.

You put your arm out the window of the vehicle or on your motorcycle--obviously you don't have a window on your motorcycle-- but on a car, light truck - put your hand out the window and make the hand signals.

Up is right, straight out is left, down - slowing or stopping the vehicle.

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