Doghouse Signals

Learn how to turn right on a red light to pass your road test.

Query from Smart Driver

The DMV handbook for Michigan and others US states use these "doghouse signals" to control right and left turns at complex intersections.


Hi. Great video. I have one more question: when there is this kind of traffic light (see link), on the right lane, can we turn right on red light? Tks
Ps.: the image is not exactly as the traffic light.

These 5-section-head signals direct traffic through complex intersections and demarcate time to provide protected turns.

A "doghouse signal" with a white traffic light. The upper right traffic light controls trams, trollies and transit buses at the intersection.


Hi Thiago Zapparoli - Thank you for your comment and query. I believe you can my friend, but I want to confirm the information. Where in the world are you located? I want to look it up in your driver's manual. All the best, Cheers Rick


Hi Rick, I am in Michigan.
There are several traffic lights like that. My confusion is because, if there is a specifically green light saying “you can turn right”, what happens when this light is turned off?!! Tks for your attention.


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Hi Thiago Zapparoli - thank your for your comment. You can find the reference to this traffic light here: https://www.michigan.gov/documents/wedmk_16312_7.pdf It is on pg. 49 where they refer to the "doghouse signals".

When the green light is activated, you have a protected turn.

However, to answer your question, when the light goes to red, you come to a complete stop at the correct stopping position, give way to all pedestrians, treat the intersection as a YIELD and proceed when the way is clear.

If there's anything further we can do to help you, drop us a note. Always happy to help. All the best, Cheers Rick

The DMV handbook for the state of Michigan uses these "doghouse signals" to control right and left turns at complex intersections.

DMV Driver's Handbook for the state of Michigan, p. 49.