Learn how to turn right on a red light to pass your road test.


Driving a car for beginners starts here with the fundamentals of driving.


The van driver failed to drive straight into the intersection. As can be seen in the video, the van is pointed left, even before it begins its turn. Vehicles run red lights all the time, and had the van proceeded straight into the intersection, checked for oncoming traffic before turning, it would have waited for the truck, and there would have been minimal danger of the truck running the red light.


Do you know how to tow a trailer safely & correctly by determining the correct weights of your vehicle - watch the video!

One of the first driving lessons with a new student involves introducing them to the inside of the vehicle. In this lessons, you will teach the student about the inside of the vehicle, its control panel, primary controls and how to adjust the seat and mirrors for their driving. These are the pre-checks that every driver should do when getting into a new vehicle.

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