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All logbooks have supporting documentation that you have to produce if inspected.

Log books | Supporting Documentation


Updated Jan 2021

Any receipt or toll that has a date or time stamp on it must match exactly on your log book, or you will get a fine and end up working the day for free.


Documentation that will track you on your log book, is any receipt that has a time stamp on it, a date stamp on it will locate you in a time and place on your logbook.

And potentially could get you a violation.

In the first video we talked about average speed: able to track you from certain location to a scale house or wherever you get pulled over by the authorities.

In this video we talk about documentation—time stamps & date stamps—and how these have to match up your log book, so that you don't get a violation, don't get a fine and don't end up working the day for free.

You get tracked on your logbook with supporting documentation.

Don't Work the Day for Free:: DOT Weigh Scale Checklist

This checklist will provide you with a list of paperwork that you need to bring into the authorities when you get pulled into the scale house.

• DID YOU KNOW? :: Bus & truck drivers are the only drivers that have their own police force (DOT, CVSE, MTO, etc.);

• SMART :: There's a lot of paperwork you must produce for authorities at the weigh scale;

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Because in most cases, it's you that gets the fine...NOT the company!

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Average Speed

In a previous videos we talked about filling out the graphs and average speeds.

If you're driving east from Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada to Kamloops BC, it takes about four and a half hours in a big truck.

If you show up at the scale in Kamloops and you only have about 3 hours logged in your log sheets, it's probably a good chance that you're going to get a fine, because there is no way you can drive that distance in that amount of time.

It's about four and a half hours from Vancouver to Kamloops BC.

The other way that you're going to get tracked in your log book is documentation.

Supporting documentation:

• fuel receipts;

• hotel receipts;

• tolls,

• border crossing tolls;

• hotels;

• maintenance receipts;

• pre-trip inspection.

All the pieces of information or pieces of paper that either have a date stamp or a time stamp on them must match exactly on your log sheets.

You can get a violation if you say that you got fuel at 10 o'clock this morning and it's on your log sheet at 9 o'clock.

So make sure that the date and time stamps line up exactly in terms of supporting documentation.

On the current trip that you are on you will have to have the supporting documentation with you.

On subsequent trips it'll be handed in to your company, so you don't have to have it in with you.

You only have to have to log sheet.

If the authorities are interested in your supporting documentation they can go to the company.

The company is required to log sheets and all supporting documentation for a period of six months.

Freight documents and fuel receipts are just some of the documents that you may have to produce to show that your logbook is true.Apps

The other thing that you need to keep in mind when you're keeping your log book is, now there are apps for your phone.

The apps on your phones are going to make it more difficult for you to get creative with your log books because the apps on the phone tap into the GPS unit in your phone and will automatically fill out: the date, the time, and the location of where you are on your phone.

So know that if you're using your phone the phone is going to do the work for you and it's going to be more difficult to be creative on your log sheets.

Sometimes we need to be creative on our log sheets to get the miles done that we need to do or to get to where we need to be.

If you're being creative, you need to understand that you're that the app on your phone is going to fill in the time, the date, and the place automatically for you.

So keep that in mind.

Understanding & Comprehending

And as well, it is important that you understand how log books are filled out and the rules which govern hours of service regulation.

My analogy is children who learn how to do math with calculators.

They never truly understand that this and this equals 4; if you multiply the two together it also equals 4, but why does it equal 4?

Two groups of 2 equals 4; 2 plus 2 equals 4.

Some times that concept is difficult to get your head around unless you do it manually and work through the process.

And getting your head around how to do log books can only be understood if you take the time and put it down on paper.

So some of the failings of apps.

Yes they to do all the work for you, but there can be failings.The Canadian Logbook Course will give you the correct information to fill out your logbook so you don't get a fine.The United States' Logbook Course will give you the correct information to fill out your logbook so you don't get a fine.


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