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wide load

This awesome free trial provides a logbook exercise.

Your free trial consists of:

  • log book exercise;
  • route planning;
  • and quiz.

Your trip is from Phoenix, AZ—Los Angeles, CA—Las Vegas, NV return. You have 2 drops in Los Angeles. Afterward, you deadhead to Las Vegas. Due to hours of service regulations you overnight in Barstow, CA, and purchase fuel there. The next day you pick up 2 partial loads in Las Vegas and then return to Phoenix, AZ.

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javelin's Avatar
javelin replied the topic: #50 1 year 8 months ago
I would like to try a free trial to get a feel of what the US and Canadian log book course is like.
With this Canadian Logbook Course, you will both avoid costly fines and the get the proper amount of sleep.

Canadian Log Book Course

Comprehensive Logbook Course for truck and bus drivers operating in Canada! Cart and Checkout

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