Log In To Course On Smart Phone

Pick the menu from the top left of the screen.

To login to your courses on your smart phone on Smart Drive Test, first select the menu in the top left of the screen.Choose the "Login" from the menu.

Choose the "LOGIN" from the menu item on your smart phone.

Log into the site from the menu

Your Username

Your Password

Type in your username and password into the Smart Drive Test form.

It will take you to the screen below - ignore that.

Click the menu again.

Ignore the screen and click on the Smart Drive Test menu again.

 Click "My Courses and Quizzes".

Click on "My Courses & Quizzes" which will take you to the next Smart Drive Test menu items.


Click "My Purchased Courses".

 Click my purchased courses to go to your Smart Drive Test courses.

In there you'll find the link to your course.

Here you should find links to your Smart Drive Test online courses.

If there is anything further we can do, drop us a note. Always happy to help.

Good luck on your driver's test.

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