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Learn skills and strategies to successfully pass your learner's permit test.

Learn the specific skills and abilities to pass your Learner's Permit test.


How to Study for Your Learner's Permit Test 


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You're up to your eyeballs in life and now you have to study for your learner's test.


And it's completely overwhelming.

When getting ready to study for your learner's permit, the information can be overwhelming!

So in today's video we're going to give you some tips and strategies to study the manual, and pass your learner's first time.



The first thing you want to do is SQR4.

It's a method that we use to read non-fiction texts.

Survey - look through the book to learn what information is there and how it is organized;

Question - ask questions of the headings and the images and other information you don't understand;

Read - the book;

Respond - answer your questions;

Record - take notes...both in the book and in your notebook.

Review - read your notes and continue to answer the online practice test questions.

This will work for those of you going into high school, or college, or university or trade school.

SQR4 is a method that will help you study for your learner's permit, or any topic that you will study during your life!

Anything where you have to read a nonfiction text.


First one is survey.

You want to survey the text.

The first step in SQR4 is to survey the textbook: look at the headings, table of contents, images, and index.

You want have a look through it, you want to see what the table of contents says.

You want to look at the chapter titles, you want to look at the pictures, the text that's written under the pictures.

You want to look at the subheadings, and then you want to look at the table of contents.

You want to find out whether it has a glossary.


A glossary is definitions of terminology like:

• right-of-way,

• left-hand turns,

• complex intersections,

• controlled intersections,

• uncontrolled intersections,

• all of those types of things.

A glossary is a powerful tool for generating keywords, understanding terminology, and searching in Google.

So especially if English isn't your first language a glossary is going to be incredibly helpful.

So as I said in the previous video - I'll put a card up in the corner for you if you haven't seen that video already.

Do not read this book cover-to-cover.

You know... unless you're trying to cure insomnia.


Go and do online practice driving tests.

Use online practice driving test questions to understand the gaps in your knowledge.

Identify the Gaps in Your Knowledge

Use them to identify the gaps in your knowledge.

Those bits that you don't understand.

Even if you get 40%, it's not a huge deal.

You know, don't get depressed for a couple of days if you get 40%.

You've identified the parts of the book that you don't understand.

This particular information about driving.

If you read your driver's handbook from cover-to-cover, you are not taking the most efficient approach to studying for your learner's permit test.

Go back to the book and then begin to study.

So say for example you had trouble with right-of-way.

Look it up in the index, go to the section on "Right-of-Way" and then look at the subheadings.

Ask Questions of the Text

And ask questions of the subheadings.

So for example, if it has right-of-way at two-way STOP signed intersections; 4-Way STOP signed intersections.

Write notes in the margin of the text, and ask questions so that you will be actively engaged when you're reading.

Right-of-Way art 4-way STOP signed intersections, ask the question:

"who has the right-of-way at 4-way STOP sign intersections?"

Then you're going to read that section and you're going to answer the question.

So you're going to respond to the question that you asked of the text.

Then you're going to write it down.


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Write Down Your Answers

You're going to record it.

And then finally, you're going to review your notes.

And one of the things you can do is, you can write in the text, in the book.

I like to write in the books and have the information right there.

Look at both the images and the captions that accompany the images for keywords and phrases.

And then you can record it onto another sheet of paper.

And then go back and review your notes.

Review Your Notes and Answers

Once you've done all that and you start to get that information in your head, you can go back and start doing the online practice driving test questions again.

Identify & Generate Keywords

The other thing that you need to be able to do is you need to identify and generate keywords.

And I'll tell you story about this.

Years ago I was teaching a the university.

Sub headings and chapter titles will identify and outline the questions that will be asked of you on your learner's permit test!

And when we were teaching history, we gave historical significance questions.

Historical significance questions essentially were:

• What is it?

• When did it happen?

• What is the significance of it?

• And then what impact did it have on future events?

So one of the topics that we gave students was pogrom.

Pogrom in the nineteenth century was the extinction of the Jewish race.

This happened mostly in Russia, but expanded into Eastern Europe, but mostly in Russia.

And I realized when I got the answers back that none of the students got more than a six out of ten on the responses that they got.

The index will give you most, if not all the keywords that you would need to study for your learner's permit for any class of driver's license.

And I realized that the students didn't know how to use a table of contents because the answer that I was looking for was right in the textbook almost verbatim.

And I asked the students if they knew what a table of contents was, how to generate keywords.

Table of Contents & Google

Because even if you're using a table of contents in a hardcopy book, you have to know what keywords are and be able to generate those, and look for those in the table of contents.

If you're looking for something on Google, you have to generate keywords.

And you'll need keywords too if you're searching the online version of your manual in your state or province or wherever you are in the world.

You must generate keywords when searching Google or any other online search engine.

You're going to have to generate keywords to be able to search through that document.

So make sure that you can understand what keywords are.

So keywords:

• right-of-way;

• controlled intersections;

• uncontrolled intersections;

• painted islands;

• steering;

• secondary controls.

All of those are keywords.

And you're going to have to narrow those down.

Almost all driver's handbooks are online and can be searched using your web browsers search tool.

Because when you identify the gaps in your knowledge with the practice online driving test, you can go to the table of contents and look up the particular section that you need to answer the questions you've asked of the text.

And then that way you're actively engaged in reading the material.

And the skills here will work for any non-fiction book that you may read in your lifetime, if you're going to high school, you're going to university, or post-secondary education.

All of this will help you to learn the information and to retain it and make it easier for you to study and pass the test first time.

Use the tips, techniques, and strategies here to pass your learner's permit test first time.

For another video click here; to subscribe click here.

And remember pick the best answer not necessarily the right answer.

Have a great day!

Bye now.

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