Pass the Air Brake Component of Your CDL License today!
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All questions and their feedback are written by a licenced air brake instructor.

truck scaleThis is a practice tests for Manitoba's air brake "A" endorsement. These will help you prepare for the Manitoba Public Insurance air brake theory test for truck & trailers equipped with air brakes.

There are 7 quizzes with 20 randomized questions in each practice test. These questions are designed as a learning tool. Rather than testing your knowledge, these practice questions are desgined to achieve three goals:

1) Identify gaps in your knowledge.

2) Provide information about how the system works and why.

3) Teach you how to test the air brake system to be in compliance with Manitoba, Canadian and American regulations.

And because questions provide this detailed feedback, your learning will be accelerated.

You will have access to the practice test for 21 days with unlimited attempts.