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Smarter Driver Course Package

Pass your driver's test first time with these complete courses.
Pass your driver's test first time with these complete courses.250kPass your driver's test first time, and be a safer, smarter driver with both the winter & defensive driving smart courses.
$60.97 USD$37.97 USD each

A young woman takes driving lessons in preparation to pass here driver's test.

Because the thought of failing your driver's test...well...it just sucks!

It's One of the More Stressful Days

Sitting in a car with some grizzly ole' driving examiner as she barks orders and directions and writes down your mistakes on a clip board is the worst.

You'd rather be dipped in honey and staked to an ant hill rather than take the driving test.

And then the driving examiner takes you onto the highway where you have to merge.

And you hate merging as much as you hate changing lanes.

And then after the whole miserable ordeal the examiner yells, "YOU FAILED."

At the end of your driving test, the examiner tells you whether you passed or failed your test and then provides a debrief.

• The thought of failing your test hangs over your head like a dark cloud;

• Learning to drive is way harder than you ever imagined;

• The language of driving is confusing:

~ painted islands;

~ 2-Way STOPs;

~ shoulder checking;

~ charge the yellow.

• Your parents are trying to help, but you know the way they drive isn't the way to pass the test;

• The information your friends give you is not the same and it's frustrating because you just want to pass the test.

It doesn't have to be like that.

This course will give you all the information, techniques, and knowledge you need to pass your driver's test with confidence.

With this course you WILL take away the examiner's right to fail you!

To honour the guarantee, you must take a practice driving test with a local driving school 7-10 days prior to your test.Enrol Here

$60.97 USD$37.97 USD each

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The Road to Getting Your License

One-on-one driving lessons with an instructor are expensive.

And working with your parents is challenging at best.

You know for a fact that the way your parents drive isn't the way you should drive to pass your test.

There are so many unknowns in driving.

And learning to drive is way harder than you ever imagined.

You lay awake in your bed thinking about what it would be like to have your driver's license.

Most of your friends have already passed the test.

But they're not much help in telling you what you need to do to pass the test.

There are so many conflicting stories.

Jenna said, "the test is super easy! I didn't even take driving lessons."

Jonah, on the other hand, admitted that he failed the driver's test twice before passing on his third attempt.

And he took driving lessons for more than a month.

You think to yourself: "I don't have the time to take the driver's test three times to get my license."

Not only that, you certainly don't want to go back to your friends and tell them you didn't pass the test.

Because it wasn't just Jenna that said the test was "super easy."

Matt and Tara agreed that the test was 'easy-peasy'.

How embarrasing would that be if all your friends said the test was super easy, but you failed!?

PASS Your Driver's Test First Time is a complete course that guarantees that you don't fail your driver's test and you'll learn the skills to be a safer, smarter driver.


A course for new drivers working towards their first license.

The Unknowns of Driving

I've been so long on my learner's license...6-months now.

And driving with other people has been so stressful.

Not to mention how hard it is to get someone to go out with me so I can practice driving.

And every time I'm driving with someone, they tell me something different about stopping at STOP signs or how to change lane.


And when we do go out, we don't work on driving around town at different types of intersections.

We just go from Point 'A' to Point 'B' and Mom always seems to be in hurry.

I can just hear her: "hurry up and get your license already. All your friends have their license."

And left-hand turns are the worst...

Where do you stop to wait?

What if the light goes yellow?

If you can't see before making a turn, pause or stop until you can see, and only when you're absolutely sure it's safe, then make your turn.

Worse, what if the traffic light turns red and I'm in the intersection - then what?

What if I have an accident and I haven't even got my license yet?

How much is my insurance going to cost?

And if I have an accident will Mom & Dad let me use the car after I get my license?


A young woman successfully passes her driver's test first time.Freedom

Getting my license would be awesome!

Just think, when I go to my part-time work at that all-day breakfast place on Saturday morning, I wouldn't have to drag Dad's carcass out of bed.

I could sleep in until 5 minutes before I had to leave.

Get up, throw on my clothes.

Grab the car keys.

Hit the drive-thru at Starbucks, because that coffee they serve at the diner is akin to dishwater with a ole' tea bag plunked into it.

And off to work with a great coffee and one of those blueberry scones I love.

And I'd get there with 30 seconds to spare.

All my co-workers would see me drive in and park...all by myself.

They wouldn't see me get out of the car and watch my Dad drive off to go back home to bed.

Nope, just me sashaying into the diner because I got my driver's license.

That would be exceptional!


This self-paced online course guarantees that you'll pass your driver's test first time.

Included in the course is a simple, easy-to-follow schedule of the skills, techniques and abilities that you need to pass your driver's test first time.

These self-paced courses gives you:

  • EASY step-by-step instructions how to pass both the knowledge and practical road test;
  • more than 100 practice test questions with feedback;
  • rules of the road, signs, and defensive driving strategies;
  • step-by-step instructions to pass your driver's test first time;
  • MUST DO skills to pass your drivers test such as:
    • stopping positions at STOP signed intersections;
    • shoulder checking;
    • observation techiques;
    • how to reverse correctly;
    • and the correct procedure for left turns.

Enrol Here

$60.97 USD$37.97 USD each

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Thanks for them tips they were really helpful I passed it on my 1st try 👍🏽
~Omar Diaz

God bless you, Rick! I must have seen all your videos before doing my road test. Thanks to your videos and pointers, I passed the test on the first attempt. I can’t stress enough how helpful your videos are. Thank you so much!
~Azam Sorathia

Thanks Rick for the lessons.I just passed my full G for my first try.😀
~ ca pa

I passed my road test on the first try two days ago!
Honestly, I can say that if it wasn't for your videos, I wouldn't have passed. I'm 100% certain of that.
Such a great reference guide that you've put together here!!
Thank you so much Rick, for sharing all your knowledge and experiences, and helping us learners get out on the road!
~Lankey Bastard

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy this course when I can get the information for free on the internet?

Much of the information provided on the internet is unreliable.

Rick August, PhD has been a driving instructor for more than twenty years (CLICK to see biography).

Also, he has been both a truck and bus driver.

The information presented here to remain accident-free & pass your road test will put you on the road to being a safer, smarter driver.

Most of the information presented on the internet is people that have read the driver's manual and provided you with some questions and courses based on knowledge written by bureaucrats.

The information presented in the "Pass Your Road Test First Time...Guaranteed" is written from the perspective of someone who has:

1) Knows the exact skills required to pass a driver's test;

2) International driving experience (Canada, United States, UK, Europe, Australia);

3) CDL driving experience (truck & bus);

4) Commercial & Passenger Vehicle Driving Instructor experience.

Finally, Dr. August has more than ten years teaching experience.

The information is presented in simple, easy to use format.

This "straight to the point" style allows you to understand and incorporate the knowledge thus ensuring your success.

This method provides the easiest and most systematic way to pass your road test first time, drive defensively, and reduce your stress while driving.

Will this course work for my state?


All measurements for driving are in both imperial (MPH) and metric (KPH).

Driving is universal. For any road test, there are 4 fundamental components in which you must be competent:

1) speed management

2) space management

3) communication

4) observation

A driving examiner is looking to see if you have due care and control of the vehicle while driving.

This course teaches you how to master both the primary and secondary controls of the vehicle.

And because road signs are universal, there are minor differences between states and countries.

Will this course work if I drive on the left side of the road?


All the principles and techniques for driving on the right side of the road and the left side of the road are the same.

When driving on the right side of the road, the techniques for left hand turns are the same as the techniques for right-hand turns when driving on the left side of the road.

All the slow-speed manoeuvres are the same for a road test regardless of what side of the road you drive on.

The road signs, signals and markings are the same, with only some minor differences.

Can I ask questions?


Included in your purchase of the course is complete access to Rick August, PhD.
You can email questions to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To honour the guarantee, you must take a practice driving test with a local driving school 7-10 days prior to your test.


$60.97 USD$37.97 USD each

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