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Winter Driving SMART

$37.97 USD each

The Winter Driving Smart Course will teach you how to identify black ice, drive in deep snow, and recover from a skid.

Learn to drive on snow & ice with confidence!

For most drivers, their first winter driving in the snow is a nail-biting, hair raising experience. How can I possibly stay out of the ditch or not crash into another car when the roads are slippery?

On slippery ice and snow, the ABS (Anti-lock brakes) are going to engage and scare the living daylights out of you.

How are you going to respond when the vehicle begins to skid due to overuse of one of the primary controls?

Little doubt, driving in the winter requires a new skill set to keep you safe and out of an accident.

With a bit of knowledge and insight you can drive throught your winters with with confidence.

Winter Driving Smart will give you skills abilities, and knowledge to stay safe this winter.


By focusing on the driver and the fundamentals of driving a vehicle, this course introduces drivers to the basic techniques of defensive driving.


  1. beginners wanting an introduction to winter driving;
  2. experienced drivers looking for a refresher on how to drive in snow and ice;
  3. and all drivers in between that want to know the inherent risks of winter driving, and implement strategies to be crash free.

Winter Driving Smart ensures that fleets and individuals remain crash-free when driving on snow and ice.

$37.97 USD each

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 Action Steps


#1 - Fender Bender OR Mangled Mess :: How to Avoid the Four Crashes  18:37  Practice Questions & Glossary  √
#2 - Gearing up to Slay the Abominable Snow Creature  21:18  Suggested Advanced Driving Videos  √
#3 - White Knuckle Driving - Operating Safely on Icy & Snowy Roads 20:18  Defensive Driving Signs  √
#4 - Pushing the Envelope :: Driving in the Harshest Conditions Ole' Man Winter Can Throw Down 21:44  Winter Driving Checklist  √
#5 - Distracted, Drowsy & Debilitated Drivers Rest in Pieces  17:08  Contract For Life Guarantees a Ride Home  √
#6 - Are we there yet...are we there yet? :: Route Planning & Navigation  12:18 Vehicle Maintenance Checklist  √
TOTAL :: 6 VIDEOS 1hr 50m 43s    

$37.97 USD each

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How the Course is Structured


Each section is comprised of individual video lessons. Some lessons also include links to additional resources that are mentioned in the video.

Action Steps

After watching each video lesson, there are several action steps for you to take to help you execute what was taught in the lesson.


Most lessons include a quiz you must pass before you can move on to the next lesson. These quizzes are automatically graded and ensure that you understand the information that’s being shared.


Lorena Cuellar

Hi thank you, your videos are great and helped me out a ton! I passed in Westminster, California 🙂 I plan on driving to the San Diego Safari Park to celebrate 🎉

Gabriella Roman

Night driving is like driving on a different planet, especially when the road markings are worn and too hard to make out!

Hi Gabriella Roman - thank you for your brilliant & apropos comment. If it’s okay, I’m going to borrow that analogy- it’s perfect! And you are right....if the road markings are faded, the task of night driving is even more challenging! All the best, Cheers Rick

Smart Drive Test of course! Thanks so much for helping so many of us be better and more confident drivers!

Carpe Diem

Your teaching methodology is very good. First you explain every step, then you demonstrate, adding the bonus of an overall review of the complete manoeuvre at the end. Great for all types of learning styles. Thank you!


 Frequently Asked Questions


All Smart Drive Test courses are guaranteed. If you're not completely satisfied within 60-days of purchase we'll refund your money...not questions asked.Is the course guaranteed?

The course is 100% guaranteed. If you complete the course within 60 days and take your road test and don't pass, I will refund your money.

$37.97 USD each

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Why should I buy this course when I can get the information for free on the internet?

Much of the information provided on the internet is unreliable.

Rick August, PhD has been a driving instructor for more than twenty years (CLICK to see biography) . Also, he has been both a truck and bus driver. The information presented here to remain crash-free & pass your road test will put you on the road to being both a safe and "smart driver."

Most of the information presented on the internet is people that have read the driver's manual and provided you with some questions and courses based on knowledge written by bureaucrats. The information presented in the "Defensive Driving Course" is written from the perspective of someone who has:

1) International driving experience (Canada, United States, UK, Europe, Australia);

2) CDL driving experience (truck & bus);

3) Commercial & Passenger Vehicle Driving Instructor experience.

Finally, Dr. August has more than ten years teaching experience. The information is presented in simple, easy to use format. This "straight to the point" style allows you to understand and incorporate the knowledge thus ensuring your success.

This method provides the easiest and most systematic way to drive defensively, remain crash-free, and reduce your stress while driving.

It is a complete course that provides information, skills and techniques that will help you to remain crash-free during your driving career.What information is covered in the course?

Included are the following:

Glossary providing definitions for all the terms you'll encounter when driving.

Practice Driving Tests

Test Your Driving Knowledge


Provides definitions for driving manoeuvres, driving techniques and road infrastructure.


1) Common Crashes

2) Preparing and Stocking Your Vehicle

3) Driving Safely on Snow & Ice

4) Staying out of the Ditch When Winter Conditions are Extreme

5) Distracted, Drowsy & Debilitated Drivers

6) Route Planning & Navigation


° Winter Driving Checklist

° Vehicle Maintenance Checklist

° Insurance Crash Report

° Legal Crash Report

° 11 Defensive Driving Signs

° Contract For Live - Don't Drive Intoxicated

° Crash Information & Reporting

° Trailering Checklist

Bonus Material

1) How to Pull a Trailer

Final Quiz with Certificate

15 Multiple Choice Questions - 80% to pass the course

 Will this course work for my state, province, or country?


All measurements for driving are in both imperial (MPH) and metric (KPH).

Driving is universal. To drive defensively in the winter, there are 4 fundamental components in which you must manage:

1) speed management

2) space management

3) communication

4) observation

To drive safely in the winter you must have due care and control of the vehicle while driving. This course teaches you the information, skills and techniques that you can put in place that will allow you to drive in any type of inclement--rain, fog, glaring sun, ice pellets, etc--and arrive at your destination without crashing or ending op in the ditch.

 Will this course work if I drive on the left side of the road?


° All the principles and techniques for driving on the right side of the road and the left side of the road are the same.

° When driving on the right side of the road, the techniques for left hand turns are the same as the techniques for right-hand turns when driving on the left side of the road.

° All the slow-speed manoeuvres are the same for defensive driving and a road test regardless of what side of the road you drive on.

° The road signs, signals and markings are the same, with only minor differences.

Can I ask questions?


Included in your purchase of the course is complete access to Rick August, PhD. You can email questions to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and your questions will be answered within 24 hours.

$37.97 USD each

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