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PASS CDL Air Brakes Course

$85.00 USD each

CDL air brakes is a required course to earn either your truck or bus license. Take the course here & pass first time...guaranteed.PASS CDL Air Brakes First Time - buy this great course!

PASS CDL Air Brakes First Time - take this comprehensive course!
A course for truck, bus & RV drivers operating a vehicle fitted with air brakes.

This self-paced course gives you:

• more than 100 practice test questions with feedback;
• EASY step-by-step instructions how to conduct a pre-trip inspection on an air brake system;
• DETAILED rules to use air brakes and brake downhill with a large vehicle safely;
• step-by-step instructions and precise wording for pre-trip inspection of trailers with airbrakes;
• explained SIMPLY to you is the tractor protection system and its components.

  Illustrations, checklists, & cheat sheets ensure your success 

$85.00 USD each

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Jake Ritter

Thanks for actually explaining the terribly written booklet. I'm doing bus cert, and this stuff is very foreign to me.

Franklin Clinton

Thank you , You might save some lives with this video. At the very least it will save me a bad DOT inspection. I got my CDL in Ohio. We were only required to know the tolerances, not demonstrate it. My schooling ( Clark State) also didn't teach it. The six pack thing wasn't even taught ! I will use this knowledge from now on. Thanks again from a newbie.

Rosanna Sotomayor

Love your lessons Rick. Your voice keeps me interested in actually want to pay attention. Many other instructors on YouTube, after ten seconds I be pulling the plug. I just can’t! Haha!!! Thank you so much for your time and dedication.

Chris Johannsen

I took a 16 hour air brake course last weekend and barely learned anything, had trouble staying awake as the teacher spoke. But after watching your videos all day I took the air brakes knowledge test and passed with ease (22 out of 25). Best CDL videos on the web.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the course guaranteed?


The course is 100% guaranteed. If you complete the course within 60 days and take your air brake test and don't pass, I will refund your money.


Why should I buy this course when I can get the information for free on the internet?

Braking downhill in a large commercial vehicle requires a specific skill set. With this air brake course you will learn the exact step-by-step procedure to brake downhill safely in a large vehicle.Much of the information provided on the internet is unreliable.

Rick August, PhD has been a CDL driving instructor for more than twenty years (CLICK to see biography) . Also, he has been both a truck and bus driver. The information presented here to pass your CDL air brake's test will put you on the road to being both a safe and "smart driver."

Most of the information presented on the internet is people that have read the driver's manual and provided you with some questions and courses based on knowledge written by bureaucrats. The information presented in the "Pass Your CDL Air Brakes First Time...Guaranteed" is written from the perspective of someone who has:

1) Been a CDL Air Brake instructor for more than 20 years;

2) International driving experience (Canada, United States, UK, Europe, Australia);

3) CDL driving experience (truck & bus);

4) Commercial & Passenger Vehicle Driving Instructor experience.

Finally, Dr. August has more than ten years teaching experience. The information is presented in simple, easy to use format. This "straight to the point" style allows you to understand and incorporate the knowledge thus ensuring your success.

This method provides the easiest and most systematic way to both understand air brakes, pass your test, drive defensively, and reduce your stress while driving.

What information is covered in the course?

It is a complete course that guarantees that you will pass your road test first time and that you gain the skills to remain crash free.

Included are the following:

Glossary providing definitions for all the terms you'll encounter in both air brakes and CDL training.

Lesson #1

The Basic Air Brake System

Lesson #2

Air Brake Pre-Trip Inspection

Lesson #3

Using Air Brakes & Stopping a Large Vehcle Safely

Lesson #4

Combination Vehicle Air Brakes (Trailers)

General Air Brake Quiz

All lessons have review questions with feedback.

More than 100 multiple choice questions with feedback.


In-Cab Air Brake Checks

Manual Slack Adjustment

Air Brake Pre-Trip Inspection Checklist

How to Adjust A Manual Slack Adjuster Checklist

List of Air Brake Valves

On many tests, you must demonstrate how to adjust a manual slack adjuster or describe the procedure to pass your air brakes. In this course, we describe the procedure step-by-step.Air Brake Supplemental Information

Air Compressor

Build Up Test - Compressor

Air Brake Governor | Air Brake Smart

Bonus Material

General CDL Information Quiz

° Logbooks

° Interstating

° Hours of Service Regulations

° Bills of Lading

° Defensive Driving

° Hazard Perception...to list just a few of the topic tested.


Final Quiz with Certificate

Final Air Brake Quiz

Final Air Brake Quiz (Semi-Trailers Included)

 All vehicles designed to tow trailers with air brakes will have a tractor protection system which consists of the trailer air supply valve and the tractor protection valve. In this air brake course we show you how to test this system.Will this course work for my state or province?


All the test for the air brakes are the same throughout North America. Some of the numbers are slightly different, but the course provides a worksheet that will ensure that you have your numbers and tests in the correct order.

Air brakes are universal. For any air brake test, you are required to do a visual inspection of the air brake components on the outside of the vehicle, and test air brake adjustment using either the pry bar or the applied stroke method (mark & measure). The 5 in-cab checks are:

1) Governor (minimum & maximum settings)

2) Low-air warning

3) Application of emergency brakes

4) Compressor

5) Leak Test

A driving examiner is looking to see if you have a basic understanding of the air brake system, can check for adjustment, and conduct the in-cab checks.

This course teaches you the fundamentals of the air brakes, its many failsafes, how to check brake adjustment, and conduct the in-cab checks in a simple, easy to understand format.

And because road signs are universal, there are minor differences between states and countries.

 Will this course work if I'm already taking a CDL course?


° Most driving schools in North America are teaching a 40-year-old air brake course that is full of uneeded information

° Most air brake instructors confuse students by assuming they know about brakes and use complicated language to explain the topic

° Air brake boards and schematics further confuse students because you believe you must understand how to put the board together - YOU DON'T

° Many of the courses still teach such things as wig-wags, manual slack adjusters, and manual front wheel limiting valves as if these still exist - these components went the way of the dodo bird and the unicorn!

Can I ask questions?


Included in your purchase of the course is complete access to Rick August, PhD. You can email questions to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

$85.00 USD each

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