Before making a lane change a driver must:

  • look in the mirror, signal and then shoulder check in the direction she is going to move the vehicle.

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After determining if the lane change is safe, the driver must:

  • check the mirror and shoulder check again before moving the vehicle laterally.

As the vehicle moves between lanes, the driver accelerates slightly to compensate for the increased distance the vehicle is covering as it moves from one lane to the next.

  • There should be a minimum of three flashes of the signal before moving;
    1. one flash - gets the other road users' attention;
    2. two flashes - allows the other road user to locate your vehicle;
    3. three flashes - allows other road users to take action and often make space for you to move into.
  • and leave the signal on until your vehicle is completely in the lane into which you are moving.

Keep in mind: signals are to tell other drivers that you "wish" to move over, NOT that you "are" moving over. In other words, signals request the right-of-way, they don't tell other road users that you're taking the right-of-way!